Susan Sarandon Plays Ping Pong with 'GMA' Anchors

The actress plays table tennis with Robin Roberts, Josh Elliot and Sam Champion.
2:15 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Susan Sarandon Plays Ping Pong with 'GMA' Anchors
I know that Lara and Josh threw a party at your. -- Said that -- and dance band which is all about we're gonna take over -- -- -- ping -- nation it's going to be everywhere you obviously though you didn't -- -- Sally that forty schools in New York underserved schools and -- we have tables and 35 of them with instructors isolationism middle school league has. You can -- for ever and it's. Really good for kids causes across size and gender in -- -- play so that's why you very passionate about it. I'm happy to take -- yeah not every. I'm sure I'm -- -- Little disadvantage when you're on the heels. Propaganda that you're playing really don't want this nice and easy game could. Yeah. That's one. I don't. He's in my mind moments of King Kong champion -- there hasn't really. Yeah. The game that reduces gender to nothing. Yeah yeah it is not -- you know -- I was going to be -- actually you know we have kind of gal who works out -- -- -- with that in mind. I don't get it all but I. It's pretty -- it also makes kids have to -- a little bit yeah. And -- Gallon in North Carolina. Who -- -- a -- science and energetic kid that I admire great epic Friday when they tested. She put two tables together to -- that was in a play within fifteen minutes before school just -- five hits his migrants went away there's. And -- and while people play a lot if that's true. -- -- -- And who were critical of -- You -- -- -- who you you know wouldn't it was a -- of our -- Plus -- -- and that's why they haven't I am writing I would like that you let me. Jeff who then I got home opened to. OK. -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The actress plays table tennis with Robin Roberts, Josh Elliot and Sam Champion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15918861","title":"Susan Sarandon Plays Ping Pong with 'GMA' Anchors","url":"/GMA/video/susan-sarandon-plays-ping-pong-gma-anchors-15918861"}