Suspicious Selfie May Help Solve California Burglary

After her home was burglarized, a Santa Clarita woman found pictures of people she doesn't know in her online cloud storage.
1:41 | 08/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Suspicious Selfie May Help Solve California Burglary
"Freeze frame" but now to the selfie that could help police crack the case of who broke into a California home. It's a picture perfect set of clues and Amy's in the social square with all that for us. That's right. Robin. I believe it's been well established that I love me some dumb, few pedestrian criminal stories and that may be what we're dealing with with police getting a little high-tech help. They look like a young couple in love lounging on a pillow, but are these love birds actually would-be burglars stupid enough to post a selfie on their victim's cloud account. Police in Santa Clarita, California, trying to unravel the mystery releasing this photo to the press after it appeared in a local woman's cloud account just days after thieves broke into her home and robbed her. Some of the stolen electronics uploaded photos that were taken on the stolen devices into the victim's cloud account. When the victim accessed her cloud account, these photos came of people that she had no idea who they were. Reporter: Authorities aren't calling the selfie taker suspects at this point, just persons of interest. It's possible they bought or were given the stolen devices, but it's not the first time a suspicious selfie was the hot lead and police around the country using them to nab the brazen or plain dumb thieves. Well, as social media progresses, as cloud accounts progress, I expect we'll see more, you know, crimes and more incidents like this. Hopefully more arrests. Crips may want to think twice about stealing those high-tech devices for another reason. Police also using features like find my iPhone. Yeah. To track down suspects. So great that those are there. You've really developed this dumb criminal -- It's my new -- You can make it your franchise.

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{"id":25065739,"title":"Suspicious Selfie May Help Solve California Burglary","duration":"1:41","description":"After her home was burglarized, a Santa Clarita woman found pictures of people she doesn't know in her online cloud storage.","url":"/GMA/video/suspicious-selfie-solve-california-burglary-25065739","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}