Suzanne Somers' Dangerous Breast Reconstruction

The actress and health guru is the first to undergo the controversial surgery.
5:16 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Suzanne Somers' Dangerous Breast Reconstruction
Since her days as a sitcom star she has made a fortune in stirred up some controversy as a fitness guru and she is pushing the envelope again. After successful battle with breast cancer she has become the first in the country to try -- cutting edge breast reconstruction surgery which could bring hope. But also -- dangers for cancer survivors. ABC's juju Chang spoke with Summers at her home. The other thing is that the fountain and are -- -- -- back. -- she shot to stardom as a TV sitcom goddess we bought this. And -- and I was doing three's company but these days Suzanne Somers is justice stands for her alternative anti aging regiments. Let's cut aloe Vera willow herb. And her endless lines of merchandise. I could be like royalty and -- but most recently she volunteered to be patient number one for an experimental breast reconstruction surgery in many worries you made this up again this. Is the first clinical trials I was the first. Woman to legally we wrote her breast using stem cells it's called cell assisted -- transfer. Fat is some -- the stomach half as harvested for stem cells which is then added to the other half and he injected into the -- Suzanne says twelve years ago a lumpectomy and radiation left to press -- -- There's two issues here one is -- surgery which there are elements which are still not FDA approved. Right yes but this clinical trial that I started. After completion. Will make this subject to being FDA approved and paid for by insurance but there are risks some experts the year long term the injected stem cells could turn into cancerous ones but -- never shrinks from controversy. Much like her ongoing daily human growth hormone injections. She also takes anywhere from eighty to ninety supplement today in many ways -- -- chasing the modern day fountain and youth naturally. What are the other ingredients to your secret recipe. I take act estrogen progesterone I just recently added in testosterone because. I was finding my libido. Not quite what it's -- -- every day take -- day. Take -- Sisters appeared and sex hormones she calls at -- management no plastic surgery required there's speculation. Of cosmetic surgery Alex and without all the time and I I take it is flattery and looks -- it next to silence. Seated -- and not commonly known. But it was those good looks and her impeccable comic timing that later the most popular woman on TV for four years. Chrissie snow on these companies. But in 1981 after asking for the same pay as her male counterparts she says she was abruptly fired. I was cool that the time. Because I don't think they could fire me for asking for a raise. So they told me that John enjoys refuse to work with -- and -- -- I was out. So for thirty years -- been harboring. He refused to work with me. We're -- -- -- just recently reunited with DeWitt for the first time in thirty years on her web show breaking through them very overwhelmed to -- With emotions and it felt. Sorry. And I sounds. -- had been a loss. And here and I did show about a Boland president misunderstanding. -- to misunderstanding. That and a senator Thomas -- username we could work this out long ago. Instead Suzanne had to carve out a second career as the queen of infomercials. To do released -- I -- to move on time and master. Which is still paying off all these years later and he does this that's -- -- today. -- husband and manager Alan Hamel demonstrated the -- trainer the circular motion. Together they live tranquil life while running a savvy business empire celebrities. Would never sit down and say I'm sixty -- right. -- let him so it. I'm saying that because I want you one day when you this days ago. This is ended I I I can do it too. And she's. Always McCurry asked her groundbreaking stem cell surgery. The clinical trial is not complete but there are promising results out of Japan. That show breast size increase twice as much compared to just a regular fat transfer without stem cells but the long term safety is really the question at hand if approved. By the FDA it could. Non cancer patients available from breast reconstruction surgery without implant. I was actually here -- sure would need to -- She seems to quite a cocktail. Hormones injections every single thing HGH every day every day she describes is a really low -- she showed -- the -- And she said it's all done with the doctor's supervision and said they checked their levels and then they take their. Hormones in their HGH and everything else. Under a doctor's supervision and she does look great and boy is she doing well absolutely and you know we -- -- the fact that she made it to stardom as a dumb blonde. But she's -- I -- box publishers Judy thanks for much rain -- that.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"The actress and health guru is the first to undergo the controversial surgery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15849039","title":"Suzanne Somers' Dangerous Breast Reconstruction ","url":"/GMA/video/suzanne-somers-dangerous-breast-reconstruction-15849039"}