Swimmer Describes Great White Shark Attack Off LA's Manhattan Beach

Swimmer suffers puncture wounds when bitten by a 7-foot shark.
6:06 | 07/06/14

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Transcript for Swimmer Describes Great White Shark Attack Off LA's Manhattan Beach
course, a dramatic image, the mopes after that frightening shark attack. Here's the bloody surfboard where they put the victim after he was pulled out of the water. And then here he is lucky to be alive being put in an ambulance. You can see the huge gash where the great white took a bite out of him. This morning he as a lot to say about his shocking ordeal. Right to that agitated great white biting a man swimming at one of California's best-known beaches much ABC's nick watt is at the scene, Manhattan beach outsi outside L.A. Reporter: A marine biologist I spoke to says Manhattan beach is now the global capital for juvenile great white sharks. Why they're here, no one is sure but they are here in Numbers and they say that this was an accident just waiting to happen. Hey, get out of the water. Shark! Hey, get out of the water. Get out of the water. Shark. Words no one wants to hear on a basis beach day, July 4th weekend. A great white shark caught on a fisherman's line fighting for its life when an unwitting swimmer got in the way. Shark attack. That's not good. It came out of nowhere. Looked at me and it lunged at my chest. Reporter: We spoke to the victim. Californian realtor Steve Robles overnight. Locked into my chest and I took my right hand and grabbed the nose of the shark to try and pry its mouth open to get it off of me. That all happened within two seconds. Reporter: He was bleeding but conscious. I started yelling somebody get him. Help him. Whatever they could. It looks like he's calling for help. Keep swimming. Keep swimming. It's right here. Reporter: Brave surfers nearby saved the stricken swimmer. There was a lot of blood in the water and all over the board. It was a pretty intense shark bite. I was pretty much in shock and screaming the whole time. I was scared. More than anything I was just terrified. Reporter: Multiple puncture wounds to his ribs, back and arms. This was such a freak accident. I couldn't believe it happened. We do see the sharks. They're here and they've been around. There's never been a bite. July 4th weekend. How ironic is that. Reporter: The great white population is back on the rise. Researchers say up 42% since 1997 thanks to conservation efforts. And with many more sharks and so many people in the water this summer, attacks are inevitable. Now, attacks by juvenile great white sharks are extremely rare. Some say this is only the second time documented case ever but today the beaches here at Manhattan beach are open again and, bianna, there will be many more people back in the water enjoying the July 4th weekend. Nick, thank you and one person who says she was be back in the water is Mimi miller, an avid surfer who witnessed the attack. I spoke with her just moments ago. So, Mimi, thank you so much for joining us. Can you describe the scene? When did you see Mr. Robles and did you actually see him attacked or were you alerted to the situation when you heard the screaming? I was alerted to the situation when I heard the screaming on the beach. I was actually on my way down to surf and that's when I saw the commotion and all the surfers helping him up to shore and the lifeguards getting him to the shore and started working on him. Have you ever witnessed a shark attack? I know that you're out there in the water three or four times a week. I have not ever witnessed a shark attack. We swim with sharks all the time. We know they're there. We try not to think about them but they actually pop their head out of water and ceecee them, you know, swim past us in a weird squiggly line and just get out of the water and sometimes we'll see them underneath us and we'll just swim down and -- we just pretend they're not there. We just let each other know, hey, there's a shark in the wear and we'll say how big is it, six Foote. Okay, it's a juvenile. We're okay so we'll just, you know, we'll either get out and go down a couple of feet or whatever yards or just like stay on our surboards and don't usually bother us. Let's talk about the fishermen. I know that's something that you're concerned with and other surfers in your community are concerned with. Agitating the sharks. Can you talk about that? Well, us surfers and bodyboarders and swimmers, we despise the fishermen on our pier. We -- that's one thing we always talk about. It is a nuisance for them to be there. They put us in danger every single day that they're there fishing there. And it's something that we always think about that is this the day that, you know, we'll be, you know, we'll have to deal with sharks because they're on the pier. They should not be allowed to be there with us. Their hooks, you know, some of them don't know what they're doing and they come out there with their hooks and some of my friends have been hooked in their lines before. The lines have come close to, you know, to the bodyboarders' boards and so the surfboards and it's dangerous, very dangerous. Why are they there and why should this be allowed that they have this right to be there and they're putting our lives in danger? They really are. And we know -- 234rs. We do not like it. I personally do not like it. That was the situation in Mr. Robles' case, as well, with the fisherman hooking the shark. We'll see if any of the laws are changed now because of this, but, Mimi, thank you so much for your time this morning and your experience. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you. Thank you. And you heard me chuckle when she said that they're so used to seeing these six-foot sharks, juvenile, and alert each other and swim by. Incredible. They still are killers but luckily Mr. Robles' sake, it looks like he will be okay. A six-foot shark is still a shark. How about that. Overseas now to brand-new

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"Swimmer suffers puncture wounds when bitten by a 7-foot shark.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24442507","title":"Swimmer Describes Great White Shark Attack Off LA's Manhattan Beach","url":"/GMA/video/swimmer-describes-great-white-shark-attack-off-las-24442507"}