Sylvester Stallone Discusses Son's Death, 'Expendables 2'

'Expendables 2' star joins castmates in interview, discusses son's death.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Sylvester Stallone Discusses Son's Death, 'Expendables 2'
with sylvester stallone. The all-star cast of hollywood tough guys, including the return of arnold schwarzenegger to the big screen. Cecilia vega sat down with all of them, where for the first time, stallone speaks about the death of his son. Reporter: They are hollywood's macho men. Together in one very pink room. Enough testosterone we can handle it. Reporter: To talk about a manly movie, "the expendables 2." Good morning, america. And breaking now, the west on fire.Dozens of homes burned, hundreds of threatened, in at least ten states right now, fueled by inferno-like temperatures and thousands of lightning strikes. One man coming too close. Battle lines drawn. Mitt romney and his new running mate under attack from the white house. President obama says they will end medicare as we know it. Romney hits back. Is this the campaign's most critical showdown? Shocking crash caught on tape. Watch as this race car flips off a colorado mountainside. The driver and the passenger walk away. What saved their lives after the car rolled a dozen times? And robert pattinson steps out for the first time since his high-profile split from kristen stewart. He breaks his silence over ben & jerry's on late-night tv. They shoot them up, knock 'em out, high-flying sequel, at mers nations on a mission. I'm wondering if there were competitions on the set on who could kick the most butt out there. No. Never. We're all very mild-mannered people. Looking to our feminine side. Reporter: Who has the most muscles? Biggest muscles. I'll give it to him. Where? Reporter: These stars and their muscles may be larger than life. But they're not immune to the pains of the real world. It was just one month ago, that stallone's oldest child, sage, made famous playing rocky's son, was found dead in his home. He was only 36. His death remains under investigation. I know it's not easy for you. How are you hanging in there? It's tough. It's very tough. If you have good friends and family support, it's something that's a horrible situation. But time, hopefully, will heal. You try to get through it. But it's something -- it's a reality of life. Reporter: Maybe there's a little comfort, if you have to go through it -- you kno it's important to give back. And try to start reliving your life. Otherwise, you can go into a spiral. Reporter: He's back at work. And surrounded by old friends. Friends who just so happen to be really good at beating each other up. The fight sequence with sly, he always makes fun of me. I don't know why you call me mr. Stallone. Mr. Stallone and mr. Schwarzenegger. When I was a kid in belgium, they were like role models. They gave me inspiration to be what I am today. Shoot something. Reporter: Friends, also including bruce willis and chuck to follow up in the original "the expendables," which two years ago, brought in nearly $300 million. I called out, everyone volunteered. Like the alamo. Let's go together and defend it. Okay. I'm in. Reporter: You literally called, though? You picked up t phone and he called you? To look at the script. He drinks a lot. And he kills people. I'll do it. Reporter: With the future of the california governor behind him, schwarzenegger is back to acting. It was nice to be back. The spotlight was not on me. Reporter: But still feeling right at home on the big screen. Your shoe is bigger than this car. It's been eight years out of the game, out of the movies, that I maybe wouldn't know how to hold a gun anymore. Reporter: Did you forget? Here's how you hold it properly. Reporter: Vintage action heroes they are. But retirement? Not a chance. Stallone and schwarzenegger are IN THEIR 60s. Lungren and van damme, in their 50s. Statham is the baby. And they don't let him forget it. He wasn't slow down. And the body doesn't recuperate as fast. He's the silent one over here. My shoe laces. I never see him train, ever. But he showed up and does unbelievable things. Reporter: Are you secretly training in your hotel room? Just getting dry out of the shower is enough for me. There are lots of laughs. But make no mistake, they mean business. Are we going to see an "expendables 3"? It's difficult to say no to these things. You get the rocky right-hand. It's so rare to get the old team together. It's like having a great team. When that combination works, it's so rare. You just don't want to let it go. Reporter: For "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, london. You're going to need a new plane. "Expendables 2" opened friday, nationwide.

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{"id":17000880,"title":"Sylvester Stallone Discusses Son's Death, 'Expendables 2'","duration":"3:00","description":"'Expendables 2' star joins castmates in interview, discusses son's death.","url":"/GMA/video/sylvester-stallone-speaks-death-sage-stallone-interview-expendables-17000880","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}