Taking Down 'Jeopardy'

Computer scientist Roger Craig comes clean on duping the popular game show.
2:20 | 11/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taking Down 'Jeopardy'
I think -- good -- jeopardy. -- -- good -- friends behind me one bit you're gonna. And I have -- escalator yeah. Jeopardy is known as being one of the toughest game shows ever but it turns out there may be a waiting game that they -- -- -- -- computer scientist who has broken the all time every record. He's never got up against Iran however -- those guys are now coming clean about how he does it turns out there's an app for that here's ABC news. John -- -- Roger Craig is jeopardy royalty he -- record setting 77000. Dollars in a single day. More than that they -- Ken Jennings more than IBM's Watson computer and he just won the tournament of champions to -- This -- -- is good. It mark Rodgers who is kinsey wasn't demonic what is to be or not to be what does UNICEF what is as cargo what is Walden Pond put look at -- It is this. Just smarts this week he hit back to back daily doubles -- everything each time in nailed it. When I pick novels I went for 12100. As I thought there might -- it was -- there answer. How bad at all -- all right and then when I died and I got it has doubled up. I immediately went to different categories where I thought there might be -- daily doubles twelve languages 16100. I a immediately -- world. And I surprise myself that had gotten to daily doubles back to back. -- -- not Roger developed a computer program that helped him study if you watch jeopardy enough. You'll notice that presidents comes up Shakespeare world capitals novels. Categories -- -- repeat. -- did -- help -- that daily double. -- -- not random. As most people would think. And you'd find them more frequently in the bottom three questions. -- -- experts say no program. We'll take you over that final jeopardy finish line this a total waste of time because you can't out guess the categories. And you really count and I can't -- guess the specific material still it's -- to argue with results. Director 77000.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Computer scientist Roger Craig comes clean on duping the popular game show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14988565","title":"Taking Down 'Jeopardy'","url":"/GMA/video/taking-jeopardy-14988565"}