Taking Probiotics Could Lower Blood Pressure

Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains what a new review of past studies reveals about probiotics.
1:43 | 07/22/14

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Transcript for Taking Probiotics Could Lower Blood Pressure
We'll take a look at a new study of probiotics and suggest regular use lower your blood pressure and Dr. Jen Ashton to explain a lot that have probiotics that are in them. A meta analysis. Easy way to look back at what is existing in the literature and compile the data and crunch Numbers and looked at nine studies. A lot of people who were taking these probiotics over a period of time from three to nine weeks and they saw the top number of their blood pressure go down by an average three points, the bottom by two. That might not sound like a lot but when you're trying to reach target goals of blood pressure literally every number can help. Anything will help. We can see we can get it in our diet. Probiotics are the new kid on the block. This is the latest thing in nutritional science and make no mistake it's being marketed like nobody's business but you can get it in a lot of natural food sources, yogurt, Kim chi which is a favorite into my house, cheese, sour cream or in the packages that say probiotics, the down side, though, we don't have any long-term data on this so don't assume that, oh, if a little can help I can take this indefinitely. We don't know the effects. I know you're getting your masters degree in nutrition. One year down. Congratulations so probiotics one way but what else can we do? A lot. Even losing a small amount of body weight can drop your blood pressure obviously prescription medications, daily exercise, meditation and then a 2008 study showed that drinking two to three cups of hibiscus tea can also lower the number. You're way on your way to

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{"id":24661495,"title":"Taking Probiotics Could Lower Blood Pressure","duration":"1:43","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton explains what a new review of past studies reveals about probiotics. ","url":"/GMA/video/taking-probiotics-lower-blood-pressure-24661495","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}