How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election

Psychiatrist Janet Taylor explains how to talk to children about Donald Trump's victory and Hillary Clinton's loss.
2:36 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election
So many parents are waking up this morning to their children's questions after this brutal election season. Wondering what they should say about Donald Trump's victory and Hillary Clinton's loss. Psychiatrist Janet Taylor is here to help. Let's make it clear there are a lot of people happy this morning and their children are happy this morning. But there are also families that are waking up and their children are wondering. Again, it's not so much about the victory but the language used and tactics used and the parents are having difficult questions to have to answer this morning. Yeah, this is a time for really active parenting and not just for kids. I have adult daughters who are saying, like, I'm confused. What is going on? So it really is about as a parent, going to your child and not or teen and not just saying how do you feel but really how do you feel, asking a way that they can tell you how they're feeling and also helping them understand why they may feel a certain way. Why they may be afraid and confused and strategizing with them their own control so when they feel a certain way, this is what you can do to remind you that you're okay and that you still are important. How about little girls. The polling places you saw them with their moms and their parents, I saw them at the javits center at Hillary Clinton's headquarters. They thought that there was going to be a breakthrough, that the glass ceiling was going to be shattered. How do you talk to your daughter this morning. I have four daughters and the point is little girls and women, we are still wonderful. This was one event and so it really is about reminding our daughters and our sons but especially our girls about their importance in family values and keeping lines of communication open. This is not just talking to them for one day. This is talking to them over and over and also minimizing any safety issues that they may have. So if you won you'll win graciously. It reminds us about bullying and the point is it's not about pointing fingers at people and making fun of people. If you are brown or black or Muslim, you know, speak Spanish, whatever, you are in this country then you should feel comfortable. We all have to be Kinder to everyone. And understand there are going to be disagreements even as adults we disagree and again, going back to president-elect trump, his victory speech was very gracious and hoping that his supporters and his followers will follow suit. He set the right tone. He did. And the fact is, conflict happens but it's about understanding the root of the problem, learning how to listen and tolerate differences in a way that strives to understand and be understood. Yeah, and move forward. All right, Janet, thank you very

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Psychiatrist Janet Taylor explains how to talk to children about Donald Trump's victory and Hillary Clinton's loss.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43415854","title":"How to Talk to Your Kids About the Election","url":"/GMA/video/talk-kids-election-43415854"}