Taraji P. Henson Talks New Memoir on 'GMA'

The star of "Empire" is live in Times Square to discuss her new book, "Around the Way Girl."
6:24 | 10/11/16

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Transcript for Taraji P. Henson Talks New Memoir on 'GMA'
The award winning actress Taraji. His amendment it is beautiful it is hot off the presses this morning and it's great to have you here with us in I loved. This now for people who are not familiar with the phrase around her away a reliable way. Oh as you've never heard of the very handsome hip hop rap star LL cool it hasn't been anything. Yeah a. And I'm in now and and really what it represents is that I am just the girl from around the way who had edged green. And and with hard work never giving up on myself and faith in and love of my family I mean my dreams come true. Someone this to resonate with everybody who feels like they've just from around the way I'm just a regular person and you can do you can do it on how people who have been homeless and made their dreams come true. Seoul this is really it was this summit to inspire kids has people act Twitter became really popular view and it was the first time I was able to interact with my fame and name and they have been reading about you know my interviews and seeing an interview you have always been -- in. Yes and suddenly. All U I you had a signing Collins and you still graduated and you moved to LA was sent a hundred dollars how did you do it you need to write a blow up your life is so inspirational as like. You now that put me on stage and he gave me the Mike what am I gonna do. What am I gonna do with his moment in life how am I going to inspire other people if people will be aspire about my story little old me. Then that's my duty that's my duty as a human you are messenger you shave but the story I almost didn't. I was I say you know let I almost sent to Pitt pit and the check back because I got an artist. You know I decided to write the book before cookie became this phenomenon who. And I got stick that's doing this for a while Pannemon under the rate act could go to tired it's the so now. It is all out. Yeah I L I got. Stand because now all eyes are on me and I'm sharing some of my malls personal vulnerable moments in life and I don't know will people judge me will they sat almost freaked out and and backed out. And then my make up our decision to it is a very spiritual woman. She sits in need don't ever lose focus of why you started doing is people need your story Taraji they need you so she kind of re calibrated me here we I'm glad it. And it's a real tribute to all the people. In your life yet your family members those before you and me and those who work are coming up behind you. And the way you talk about your mom and your dad and you talked about how you dance school be in the game and your mom taught you how to live it paths tell me first about your mom and the contributions that she's maintaining. Well not come got my my love each month lady. But I'll see. She oversees her strengths he's always wished some from and hand him my mom. Wait until you read the book is really a love letter her and my father because we're. The two of them walked out with that callers in the book on how he know how they got together but. Yeah. But my mom is home powerful she's the quiet in the storm my dad was the storm and my mom was the quiet. And it was just an eat an even balance and the woman is just full of love you talk she'd shake your hand soon bar fists up and hunt you. I mean she's just the ultimate. Definition. Of unconditional. Love this woman at them she has such a forgiving heart and that's what she taught me you know and my day. Like I say if he was the storm. They did some of the lines that we have that from cooking not that gets me cookie based off my head off my neck. Hey hey everyone thinks it sees from a woman but now my day I mean he was solid candidate he would not afraid. To live in his troops. And I think that's how we should the and we all bold and Manson live and our truths. This world will be a much better price because we would tell us. Yeah I sat well thank you either loved him or you hated him and I found that people who didn't like him. Had a problem would they are truth. That's and you now so don't deal with their own they couldn't go there are also 'cause he it wasn't that he was saying anything that wasn't real war had some facts so it. It was proof you need the rain W embracing viewers you are so busy got a wonderful son you're good mama you've got that you got imparted got this. Hidden figures hill figures tell people about that OK so how many and you know women had anything to do with the great. It's race to space. Why how well women put a man in space and on the moon may wind and. Okay. And I'm not using the post in the at. I don't know how little girls to look up so because they're not dressed in Italy they don't have anything they're buttoned up we're talking he enrolled in in 1960 is a real lack. Peace. And. Saint Louis still lag some and I know she's because she is very sky 9 to good morning queens. Cut my mom she. As the genius. She graduated high school at fourteen college at eighteen she isn't really a beautiful mind. And it was her calculations the exact DeLeon and he would not get in the capsule could IBM at the same time who was just coming am into that this space program. But at that time not once have I think computers when that machine and she was the wind was the one teach us that I'm not getting and that capsule and so my girl did an and a lot of thinking breeding these Hayden figures into the light they will be no more no more. Okay. Part of deserve everything that's coming your way and you know what's coming your way this. I.

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{"id":42716018,"title":"Taraji P. Henson Talks New Memoir on 'GMA'","duration":"6:24","description":"The star of \"Empire\" is live in Times Square to discuss her new book, \"Around the Way Girl.\"","url":"/GMA/video/taraji-henson-talks-memoir-gma-42716018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}