Early Look at Target and Neiman Marcus for Holiday Collection

Get an exclusive sneak peek at the incredible items from designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Early Look at Target and Neiman Marcus for Holiday Collection
Let's go outside to lara. Lara's on her way. Here she comes. It's our big target and neiman marcus, that you would never mention before. They're teaming up this holiday season for a superhot collaboration. And diane furstenberg, you just saw her. The one and only is with us. And you are a key part of this beautiful collaboration. So, do tell us, in a moment. Take a look at the piece first. It's never been done before. The first collaboration of its kind. Neiman marcus is teaming up with target and a dream team of 24 designers to present 50 holiday gifts to die for. Neiman marcus' holiday christmas book is packed with fashion, to pricey jewelry, to expensive everything. This year's book includes a $3,000 purse, a $280,000 car, and even a jet pack. In target's newspaper ad, you're more likely to find great deals on diapers and detergent, until now. What brings the luxury superpower together with the neighborhood department store for this year's shopping blitz? Neiman marcus I putting out a welcome mat, saying we want all kinds of shoppers. By doing this, target and neiman marcus are making supersaturday about trendy things you can afford. Reporter: The holiday collection hits stores december 1st. But until now, they will stay more secret than santa's naughty or nice list. It's time to look at the items that you can enter for a chance to win them. First, we're visited by the fashion icahn, and council of the designers of america, diane von furstenberg. A beautiful day. Hi, robin. We're going to unveil things with another friend. Kathy, I'm going to pronounce your kessia. Hey, diane. How are you? And president of specialty retail for neiman marcus. And we thank you for being here. We begin with box number one. Shall we, audience? Okay. What do you say? What do you say? All right. Open that box. It is a jewelry box. It is a jewelry box, that we managed to do. Normally, something like this in the store, would be much more high-end. It's a beautiful lacquer box. And it is with one of my original prints, the twigs. And it's just precious. And you can put all of your precious jewelry in. I love it. Things like this and the other gifts we're about to see, how are you able to keep prices down? Well, this was a great idea between neiman marcus, target and the cmva. And we got together. And we decided we wanted to celebrate the holiday and use everybody's strengths. The strength of neiman marcus, the strength of target, and the strength of the cmva. And we convinced 60 designers to Let's do it. Number two from diane furstenberg. We did it. This is a yoga mat will sam will demonstrate. Sam? This is great. Isn't it gorgeous? Again, with the twig pattern from your collection. While sam does that. I'm going to hand off to you, elizabeth, to talk about more of the gifts. We have kathy here from target. We have a number of great designers featured in this whole thing. What are some of the names you got? We got so many. OSCAR de la RENTA, MARCJACOBS. 24 of the most sought-after designers. This is another one of the sought after gifts. They are. These are desert plates from tracy reese. Tracy is known for her beautiful dresses. The first lady wore her dress at the national convention. They are rimmed with gold. And we have a blouse from tracy. Can we bring our model out, please? Where is she? Here she is. This is -- oh, wow. A beautiful silk and sequins tops. You can see the beautiful quining. And very easy to dress up or down. Quickly, how much are these? 39.99. And $79.99. Great prices. We didn't get to gym gold. But neiman marcus doing great stuff. We have the beautiful dresses on these chilly girls. The collection, available in STORES DECEMBER 1st. You go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Right now, to enter. Thank you for being here. You look beautiful. Just so we're clear.

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{"id":17488708,"title":"Early Look at Target and Neiman Marcus for Holiday Collection","duration":"3:00","description":"Get an exclusive sneak peek at the incredible items from designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg.","url":"/GMA/video/target-neiman-marcus-team-holiday-collection-sneak-peek-17488708","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}