Tattoo Waiting Period Could Put an End to Drunk Body Art

Washington D.C. law would make people wait 24 hours before getting tattoos, piercings.
2:57 | 09/08/13

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Transcript for Tattoo Waiting Period Could Put an End to Drunk Body Art
You know the scenario, a few beers, then get the tattoo. Ginger's been there. Now local officials are looking to require a 24 hour waiting period to get people to think before they ink. It would also apply to piercings. Susan is in washington covering the story. Reporter: Good morning, dan if you know if you have a tattoo or piercing, people say being a spontaneous is a big part of the fun. Walking into a tattoo parlor to get inked or pierced -- you say you're ready, I'm going to pierce you, okay? . Reporter: Is an impulsive decision. Woody wood peck per. This is an old one. Reporter: The result of being in the mood. I'm yule, owl in german. And we're getting matching tattoos. Reporter: But this morning, some local regulators are trying to put a stop to impulsive inking by making a 24 hour waiting period for tattoos and piercings. The department of health says it's a public safety issue. But they are worried that a waiting period would hurt their bomb line. One of the cornerstones of the body art industry has been the walk in service. By eliminating that, you're essentially killing the business. Reporter: The proposal, getting under the skin of commerce as well. Somebody wants to come in as a walk in. They're going to pay for the service, that's on them. If they regret that, that's on them. It's not up to the shop to regulate people's poor decisions. Reporter: Parents disagree, arguing that it's in the best interest of their children. This wait and hold time will do wonders for their ability to protect themselves if they're not sure, and the parent's ability to protect them. Register, and give ourselves 24 hours to talk about it. Reporter: The public has 30 days to comment before it could become a final regulation. Leaving ink and piercing enthusiasts to wait on pins and needles. Abc news reached out to city officials for comment. No word yet on how they intend to sell this plan to think before you ink to a skeptical public. Bianna and dan. I mean, I understand. But is this a national epidemic? Out of all issues to cover, why -- why this? You're right. Talk to ginger, she was the one -- very much, I wish I had the guts to get one. I don't. The permanent factor throws me off. Took me a long time to pierce my ears. Commitment fear. Moving on. Speaking of someone without a fear of commitment.

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"Washington D.C. law would make people wait 24 hours before getting tattoos, piercings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20191750","title":"Tattoo Waiting Period Could Put an End to Drunk Body Art","url":"/GMA/video/tattoo-waiting-period-put-end-drunk-body-art-20191750"}