Taylor Kitsch's New Film 'John Carter'

Star of "John Carter" brings a sneak peek of his new movie.
3:55 | 11/30/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Kitsch's New Film 'John Carter'
-- have a right. On Hollywood's hottest rising stars -- -- this morning to catch you may remember him from the show Friday Night Lights and sure you do -- -- left high school football behind. -- move on -- saving entire planet -- his new movie is called John Carter and we have the world premiere of the movie's trailer and Taylor with us right now. You very nice revenues and you're very excited about -- all -- -- quite fun. One minute journey to make. It's been so long since we ended filming himself from the big -- breasts and talk a little bit about what we can expect. This is -- character driven epic adventure I mean you've got a guy like -- news Oscar winning storyteller from Pixar. And it's it's truly -- mean you have such tasks as well in any cast it's been a sign on to something like this. It's going to be pretty good clear look at this yeah it's just an amazing. Well we have got a sneak -- and we are extremely. Excited about this this Disney World coming -- of the trailer. I'm John Carter right now. I knew -- -- threatens to. -- -- Get on. Okay. Okay okay. Shot on Mars was actually asked the first time I've pretty along shoot him that long from now we shot -- -- -- labs Lake Powell luncheon London bit of -- in LA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now -- or not I did yeah. But it was I mean a lot of -- work if you can tell -- there's a lot to grab me -- -- John Carter's self. Mom I mean I still have the scars to prove it on the growing into their lives. Who is intense -- spread the word that -- flowers it's not. -- -- -- They're not used to the shorter hair. They're used to having the longer -- -- symbolism but some of that I just. Finished two films back to back and I played a guy that said navy Seale and another one -- in the navy itself I had no choice in the matter. When he Thomas going to be a very busy -- for you yeah. Yeah this I was talking to Josh about it you -- -- -- little -- your background but yeah. Nor did it. -- played. Hockey for did twenty years. It -- right close. -- now I'm not gonna -- and said yeah. I was close right now I mean the need went out the year before -- going. In the night this happened. Law hockey's loss is our game this -- on the big screen really loves you and Friday night flights to so what's up for Tony twelve. Now we got John Carter. -- -- going to battleship. Peter Berg directed and then we just finished Oliver Stone film called savages. Incredible yeah well. John Travolta Venetian del Toro and Uma Thurman -- I had great great yeah. Here you're in good company I am -- -- very lucky so continues its last thing I don't think you do we're very very excited. About John Carter thanks for letting us see it turns to bad we appreciate that and John Carter arrives in theaters you don't have to wait until March ninth to see this epic epic film.

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{"id":15055039,"title":"Taylor Kitsch's New Film 'John Carter'","duration":"3:55","description":"Star of \"John Carter\" brings a sneak peek of his new movie.","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-kitschs-film-john-carter-15055039","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}