Taylor Swift debuts her latest single and releases 'Reputation'

The pop star debuted the song during an episode of "Scandal" on ABC on Thursday night, then released her highly anticipated album at midnight.
3:07 | 11/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift debuts her latest single and releases 'Reputation'
We switch gears to Taylor Swift. Her new album "Reputation" rolled out overside burning up the charts sparking reaction on social media. Our pop expert Chris Connelly has heard it all. Chris, there's plenty to decode and Taylor fans having a field day. Reporter: Good morning, her talent, taste and ambition have never failed her now fans are getting to hear how good Taylor Swift's reputation is. The album coming out overnight, the party starting last night with a solo performance here on ABC. Do you want to give me like a -- or like a wink. Hours before her album dropped Taylor Swift shown at the piano during last night's episode of "Scandal" and in this footage. I haven't ever played this for people before so this could be rocky. Reporter: Perform a new after the party song entitled "New year's day" at a listening session she held for fans in Rhode Island. ??? Don't read the last page but I stay when it's hard and wrong and we're making mistakes ??? ??? I want your midnights but I'll be cleaning up bottles with you on new year's day ??? Reporter: And posting this image on Instagram. Waiting for reputation like -- then before the employed night eastern time her album "Reputation" available to the public at large. Not on such streaming services as Spotify but for purchase. ??? Touch me and you'll never be alone ??? ??? island breeze ??? Taylor by holding back on this streaming site could top her record sales and could contribute to the numbers going north of 2 million. Reporter: Including a song with Ed sheeran and future entitled "End game." The 15 tracks of "Reputation," all products of her ongoing collaboration with such top hit makers as shellback. Max martin and jack antonoff. Whom is she singing about guesses popping up. Secrets to confide and she's settling a few scores too in such son-in-laws as "Gorgeous" showing the savvy to connect with her audience as pop's biggest superstar confesses to an attack of the shies. ??? I can't say anything to your face ??? Reporter: Our vulnerable and in need of solace as in call it what you want. ??? So call it what you want yeah call it what you want to ??? Reporter: Fans on social media seemed to be enjoying their first listens. Amazing. Still the same rabid curiosity surround the album but less Taylor being the voice of that and instead letting the fans sort of guide the conversation. Reporter: Much to discuss in the days ahead. The song "Gorgeous" featuring the debut of a new vocalist, the very young voice saying the song's title belongs to James Renn knoll, the daughter of Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds. Congratulations to James and her proud parents on her first hit record. Save your money. It's a fickle business. How can you top this? Okay, Chris, thanks very much.

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{"id":51054915,"title":"Taylor Swift debuts her latest single and releases 'Reputation' ","duration":"3:07","description":"The pop star debuted the song during an episode of \"Scandal\" on ABC on Thursday night, then released her highly anticipated album at midnight. ","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-debuts-latest-single-releases-reputation-51054915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}