Get the Look: Taylor Swift's Fashion Sense With Conor Kennedy

Country superstar exchanges glitzy look for something more classic.
3:00 | 08/22/12

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Transcript for Get the Look: Taylor Swift's Fashion Sense With Conor Kennedy
We turn, now, to country superstar, taylor swift. Her new song, "we are never, ever getting back together" is heating up the charts. She may be sporting a new look with her new romance. Conor kennedy. Taco. She has gone from country to classic. Take a look. ♪ Keep on keeping your eyes on me ♪ Reporter: She's the 22-year-old singing sensation who's tracks are almost as tracked as her love life. ♪ Take me somewhere we can be alone ♪ Reporter: And as a reported romance with a member of american royalty in hyannisport heats up this summer, this roots in country, is sporting a look more camelot than "coal miner's daughter." Gone are the boho dresses and long sweaters. Replaced we preppy shirts, and floral bikinis. And fashion watchers are swift to give her a compliment. Drawing comparison between her and jackie o. She's been reading books about the kennedys. And it's been inspiring her music. Reporter: And much like her music, swift's latest fashion choices are proving some style is timeless. There you have it. Meredith rollins, "redbook" magazine executive editor. Going to show us how to get the look. It's retro. Taylor's looking great with her kennedy boyfriend. And we're going to show you the looks that almost anyone can pull off. It's a good investment because it's timeless. This is morgan. And morgan is wearing a polka-dot top and red shorts. Polka-dots are huge now. It looks great. And the shorts are a fun, pop color. These are from strawberry. Only $17. It looks cool. It looks breezy. I feel like I've seen soy photos of taylor in this exact outfit. Exactly. She likes the polka-dot top. And glasses on the top of the head. Can we get polka-dot tops? I like them. It looks nice. It's classic. And jackie o. Loved it. The next look is very jackie o. Similar, right? It is very jackie o. This is a striped top. We talked to taylor last week. And she says that jackie is one of her style icons. Red jeans are huge going into fall. A nice, preppy look that's classic. What did taylor say as for the one thing everyone must have? She talked about her red lipstick, which is huge. Can anybody pull off red lips? Yes. All of our models are different-looking girls and they all look amazing. Even our next model has the bright red lips. I know. So, clean and classic and very conservative. It is. It feels a little ladylike. And at the same time, it's fresh with a flowing skirt that has a few prints on it. If you tuck in the top, you can see her waist. And it's a flattering look on anybody. The top and skirt are from forever 21. And under 20 bucks. Wow. Under $20. They'll keep in your closet forever. And all of the girls are wearing round-toed ballet flats. These are from old navy. They're also under $20. And it's one of the classic pieces you'll have forever. I wonder if we'll see taylor go back to the country look. I don't know. I think this can look amazing for just 20 bucks at an item there, which is kind of fantastic. Get all of the information on taylor's new looks and you can look like this, as well. Just go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We have it all for you. We thank you all, to "r

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{"id":17056428,"title":"Get the Look: Taylor Swift's Fashion Sense With Conor Kennedy","duration":"3:00","description":"Country superstar exchanges glitzy look for something more classic.","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-fashion-singer-country-chic-conor-kennedy-17056428","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}