Country Music Star Taylor Swift on New Album 'Red'

Taylor Swift sits down with George Stephanopoulos of "GMA" to discuss new album, "Red."
3:00 | 10/22/12

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Transcript for Country Music Star Taylor Swift on New Album 'Red'
Now, for the moment everyone has been waiting for, george? That's right, taylor swift is right here in times square. She has three number one albums in a row, now, the newest album "red" number four. You've done it again. Congratulations. Thank you so much. Look at the fans out there. This is crazy. There's so many out there. In here and out there. I'm blown away. This album "red" you've branched out here. With all kinds of partners and i see you called it your most adventurous. What did you mean by that? I think for me, I've explored the edges of what I'm allowed to do. Exploring, kind of pushing myself and taking myself out of my comfort zone which is writing alone and going and working with my heroes, songwriters who have influenced me my whole career. It's really challenged me in the best way possible. What's different about writing from somebody else? Well, everybody has their own process. Some start with writing a track. Everybody's got a different way of doing things. What it felt like was, being 22, kind of learning from my absolute heroes and scomplooring how they do what they do. And it was really amazing learning experience. And my little girls have been walking around the house for weeks singing "never, ever, ever getting back together." I don't think they understand. 7 and 9? 7 and 10. No, I'm glad they're singing it. Now, I know you're not going to name the man who this is about. I read somewhere it was designed to drive the ex absolutely crazy. What is that about? I only said that once maybe, on a bad day. But I think for me, like music is my way of understanding what I'm feeling. When I started writing songs when I was 12, I would like run to my room and write songs about a difficult day at school, or something like that. And it's kind of carried me my whole life. And allowed me to kind of filter through really complicated emotions and make them simple. What comes to you first? The theme, the feeling, the tune? Well, it's always different. Sometimes, it's a fragments of lyric and melody. Sometimes, it's a backup lyric or post-hook. Something like that. It's like getting it and at that point, you figure out where it is in the grand scheme of things and fill in the song. You've gotten all kinds of questions on twitter. One comes from the lucky one 1313 who wanted to know which song on "red" was the hardest to write? It took me a long time. It started being like a ten-minute song which you can't put on an album. And I had to filter it down to a story that could work in the form of a song. And I called my friend and co-writer liz rhodes and said, come over, we've got to filter this down. It took me a really long time to get it to its final form. So in some ways are you writing all the time? Yes, all the time. I wrote a new one two days ago. Wow. It doesn't matter if I'm preparing for a record or about to put one out. Writing is just the way I live and I write about the way I'm living. If you were to write a song about your love life right now, happy song, sad song? I don't really talk about my love life. I kind of sing about it a lot. I really think it sounds more poetic and romantic with music behind it. And it's much truer to you that way? Yeah. And my fans know I'm going to give them the real version of what happened to me in my music. And they know what I read on blogs or whatever may or may not be true. And they can kind of tell a hit that's true or not because they know me. What have you learned about how to navigate your whole private life in such a public -- when you're living in such a public place? Look at the all the team out here right now? I don't mind any of that at There's nothing wrong with that. But there is sort of the pressure to not make a mistake. And I'm at an age where you're supposed to be learning lessons and all that. Making mistakes and it's okay. But, you know, I have to minimize the mistakes that i make because it's important that I -- that I -- I have these people that count on me. So that's part of it. That I have come to terms with, you know. I think you're doing pretty well, not making too many mistakes. That's nice. Ready for a lightning round? Lightning round? I love lightning round. Okay. There it is right now. You're on the hot seat. Appropriately addressed this morning. Number one, favorite tv show. "Csi," law and order, "grey's anatomy," girls. All good ones right there. First celebrity crush? Taylor hansen. You are fast. What's your hidden talent. On teak shopping and putting together my frengiends apartments when they're not there. Lara, did you hear that. Antique shopping. Go-to comfort food? Cinnamon toast kind of cereal or pop tarts. Do you know who you share a famo famous comfort food with? Robert pattinson. Wow. I can't believe I know that. What is your favorite place in the whole world and why? My favorite place in the whole world is nashville because it's my home and music city. Everybody there is so creative and nice, everybody is really friendly which is good. You are so good at this game. Thank you. We have one from swiftness 13 who writes "you've achieved so much so far, what's left on your list that you really want to achieve? Lots. I think, you know, for me, i would love to -- I would love to have this album be something that really I'm proud of and put together the tour. And have it be a show that worth people paying their money spending the evening with us to see it. You know, I want to make this show better than anything I've done before. Of all the new kiensnds of music you've tried which one was the most fun or challenging? The one that was the most fun was a song called "i knew you were trouble." I started it on piano. I knew at the end of the chorus, I wanted to have this crazy bass drop. I brought it to my co-writers who very amazing. We tipped this song. I didn't think my music would ever go. Your parents have done so much for you. They moved to nashville many years ago when you wanted to start out. We got another question from keith sergeant who wanted to know how your parents are adjusting to your success? They're great with it. My dad is like -- he goes around with all these guitar picks from my tour in his pocket and hands them to strangers, and he's like, hey, I'm taylor's dad. He. Makes friends everywhere he goes and loves it. My dad's like the friendliest guy in the world. And my mom is really sweet because she has really great taste and really logical opinions. So I ask her for advice about everything. We're really close. Finally, judy wants to know what in life brings a smile to your face? Oh, my god, so much. Mostly like cats -- mostlycats. Mostly cats. Taylor swift, thank you so much. You are going to be back tomorrow. Live performance right here in times square. Ahead, we're going to reveal the winner of the taylor swift contest who is also going to be here tomorrow to see her perform.

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{"id":17533462,"title":"Country Music Star Taylor Swift on New Album 'Red'","duration":"3:00","description":"Taylor Swift sits down with George Stephanopoulos of \"GMA\" to discuss new album, \"Red.\"","url":"/GMA/video/taylor-swift-interview-country-music-star-album-red-17533462","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}