Teacher Joins Student Dance Prank With an Irish Jig

Teacher was the first at his school to strike back during the "footworking" prank tradition.
3:00 | 10/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teacher Joins Student Dance Prank With an Irish Jig
If you want debate, you don't have to go to boca. Right here, this couch. It is contentious. Sam has claimed victory. Guest anchor "play of the day." And sam saying it's all but over. Amy, what have you got? I got a high school prank that went viral. Check this out. Chicago high school student dancing right up next to up suspecting people. And doing footworking. People there seeing how people will react. One senior there, he suddenly found himself dancing right in front of -- his teacher jumped in and took off with it. Look at that. That's riverdance, though. That's terrific. That's great. That was awesome, guys. Norris, what did you think what was going to happen when you do that up to your dean? Did you think you were going to get in trouble? I was so scared. I thought he was going to write me up right there and then. And, dean, did you consider writing him up? You can get angry or have fun with it. It was a harmless senior prank. I thought I would jump in. Your new name, lord of the dance. How often had you done that? Did you have years of training? I haven't done that in years. When I was a kid, I did irish dancing. But haven't done anything lately. Norris, are you going to try to get other teachers and see what moves they may have? And where did you learn yours, by the way? I've been dancing like that since I was a sophomore. It's been fun. We wanted to have fun. Best kind of student prank ever. You guys, fantastic. Thanks for joining us. Wonderful, guys.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Teacher was the first at his school to strike back during the \"footworking\" prank tradition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17543368","title":"Teacher Joins Student Dance Prank With an Irish Jig","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-joins-student-dance-prank-irish-jig-17543368"}