Teacher Responds to In-Class Breast-Feeding Uproar

Adrienne Pine brought her infant to work when she learned her daughter had a fever.
3:00 | 09/14/12

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Transcript for Teacher Responds to In-Class Breast-Feeding Uproar
provocative story that has bun anthropology teacher in hot water. She was teaching a class on sex gender and she brought her baby with her and breast fed the baby in class. Claire shipman has the story. Reporter: The first week of classes at american university. And assistant professor and busy single mom, adrienne pine woke up to a baby with a fever. With no emergency sitters on-hand, and not wanting to cancel her first lecture, she brought her infant to work. It wasn't the ideal option. But the fact that there was no ideal option. And it was the best of the options available to me. Reporter: Her baby, lee was fine at first. But then, she started to fuss. And pine did what she always does at home, on buses, at restaurants. Breast fed her. And she continued with her class while she did it. People seemed largely charmed by the humanity that I think children can bring to a workplace environment, without necessarily detracting from the seriousness. Reporter: Then, she learned of this tweet from one of the students. Sex, gender and culture professor, total feminist, walks in with her baby. Midway through class, breast-feeding time. When the school paper got wind of the story, the campus was buzzing. It's very distracting to a lot of the students. Reporter: Many were supportive. She let us know that she was about to do it. I wasn't too surprised. I think she handled it in a really, the most professional way she could. In a situation like this, which is unique. And she wasn't making a habit of it, we really need to cut her some slack. Reporter: She's hoping at least her actions will spark, not just controversial, but a deeper discussion about how wrenching child care struggles can be, especially with people with no cushion. We set up child care so that not every single woman in the workplace is facing these issues of an individual. But rather, we're discussing them together. Reporter: Now, the university has pretty much stayed out of it. They don't comment on employees' individual affairs. But these issues are tough. I've been forced to bring my kids to work occasionally. Even on interviews. And it's not pretty. It is tough for all working moms. But I don't think you've breast fed your baby during an interview. I haven't done that on camera. Thanks, claire, so much. We want to know what you think. Was this an inappropriate move? Go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! And tell us what you think.

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{"id":17234789,"title":"Teacher Responds to In-Class Breast-Feeding Uproar","duration":"3:00","description":"Adrienne Pine brought her infant to work when she learned her daughter had a fever.","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-responds-class-breast-feeding-uproar-17234789","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}