Teacher, Student in Relationship Visit Therapist

Couple' relationship touched off firestorm and is subject of an investigation.
1:39 | 03/05/12

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Transcript for Teacher, Student in Relationship Visit Therapist
Controversy kicked up by that story first brought you last week the 41 year old high school teacher who left his wife and kids to move in with the eighteen year old student he first met in class. Her mother has the police investigating the couple insist they did nothing wrong and they want to build a life together. Get a sense of how challenging that might be ABC Cecilia -- sat down with them and a marriage and family therapist and she joins us -- that now good morning Cecilia. Good morning George you know this California couple says they -- -- so many people will raise their eyebrows at this story but they say. They're in it for the long haul and that is despite these experts who say staying together will be an uphill battle. These saving aren't month and they are definitely defiant. Don't think we have regrets -- thing. Until just a few weeks ago James hooker was Jordan powers -- high school teacher. To -- the -- boyfriend and girlfriend she is eighteen heat is 41 do you realize that most people hearing your story. Are going to judge what you've done. We know there's a lot of opinion and most of that doesn't agree with us we first met this controversial couple last week. -- -- the story of their romance has drawn criticism and raised questions. So with their permission we asked Psycho analyst doctor Bethany Marshall to sit down with them as our cameras rolled -- Can they make it I think the biggest challenge the two of York going to face. His state you have. It's us against the world. Kind of attitude. And when that attitude gets taken too far it can become very paranoid. And paranoia is the belief that other people are wishing ill to you but you -- -- Powers and -- Became physical only after she turned eighteen when it would have been legal. But police are now investigating. I think people get caught up in our our roles I was a teacher she was was a student. But they also forget that I chose not to. Continue. Teaching it -- -- walk away before we took our relationship to to a certain level. -- -- moved into an apartment with powers and left his family. Including a seventeen year old daughter who attends the same school. How do you think of ammunition your friend is she potential step daughter as she appear as she. She had been at potentials of other -- -- we weren't friends leader. Acquaintances. Now for the first time powers is family is speaking publicly through their pastor who told us. This is a very difficult time for them as they work through the pain caused by James -- decision to abandon his family. I think abandoned is is as a choice word I think. They probably do feel abandoned and there's you know nothing I can do at this moment in time. Two to stop that feeling. James does what sex offenders often do he disavows culpability. YL. Doing that same actions. He's saying he's not responsible for cooker -- Labeled but went on the defensive during -- -- -- his family. Your duty -- to your children. It -- not to the rest of. World shirts to your own children and -- will happen they only have one dad and your kind of. Doing -- judgment on our relationship that it's it's based on broken -- you know love will overcome everything I love my children. I -- Jordan and I think that. That will prove you wrong. Now after fifteen years as a teacher hooker is now looking for a new job. Probably an entirely new career he says he realizes he will never teach again. Powers on the other hand is taking independent study class -- no longer going to school. The George she says she plans to go back to school to walk in that graduation ceremony with the rest of her class OK Cecilia -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15848608,"title":"Teacher, Student in Relationship Visit Therapist","duration":"1:39","description":"Couple' relationship touched off firestorm and is subject of an investigation.","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-student-relationship-visit-therapist-15848608","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}