Teacher, Teen Move in Together: Can He Be Charged?

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the relationship between teacher and student.
4:41 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Teacher, Teen Move in Together: Can He Be Charged?
Ever legal team Nancy Grace -- -- -- Nancy Grace on HL went along with Jimmy legal analyst and it was great to have you both in the studio and -- and -- -- You want to jump through the screen and -- them both. But is there anything the police can do about. Well all I can do right now as an investigation and let me tell you something when a grown man is texting a girl at 6 AM in the morning. He got a problem 8000 text messages photos of her sitting in his lap. Try what they've got to do. The content of those text messages that got to look back on hotel receipt they got to talk to her friends at school to see if -- The -- a sex affair. Even looking ever say to see if she bought a pregnancy test something that proves actually -- -- I -- -- -- -- right there isn't anything close to enough to even get charges against any California actually has it at high age of consent at eighteen. And so if they can show that there was any kind of physical relationship before the age of eighteen Y -- gets write anything they -- charge of the problem is going to be. What do they -- right so we know the number of text messages that have been sent for a long period of time. From the phone company keeps those kinds of records as to numbers and when where things were sent from thousand but could not come out and anything that the phone company doesn't keep on record the contents of every text messages -- But I'm sure this -- -- from -- -- So the mother probably took the phone handed it over they're going through -- -- -- it got to find something before that eighteen per. I don't know clearly happened is that if if she and he keep on denying it. It's going to be -- proved right well it may be hard to permitted but based on those text messages I think that they -- -- -- find what they need to go to trial. But the other issue is this I would look at all talk alternative -- such as endangering a minor. That they -- right now that's really all they've got to get -- who won the last thing now. Well you could look at suggesting sexual activity. Text sex sting. And not only that. If it's not true why did -- feel that he had to. Believe the profession of teaching if it's not true YSE up filing an oral -- libel slander lawsuit. Aren't rising just sitting back taking all of this if it's not Trent -- These guys' careers over. -- -- the mother you're right it's going after my FaceBook calling him molest her and all the sexual predator are yes I did so has not heard he yet he. He's he's no way he's he's gonna -- -- the other in it because the truth of the complaint defeat any jury will agree he's -- -- interest in question how would people be outraged with what else what it would. Here's the -- -- has. You know I'm yeah I have a -- me now. When she gets eight. Thousand. Text messages from her side against -- -- are you come crying to mommy they have a private language. Mike my baby is going to be a point. They said they ask you this yeah. People -- outraged if this was an eighteen year old. Boarding young men now -- to all 41 year old teacher you want to enter text my little boy in day out any -- an Italian I'm not look. I this creeps me out I watched this that interview and I was more concerned about this that I was when I read about watching the two of them sit there. Meet me feel I say this if you're not slap it feels discussed it really does but then we have to make sure that the law applies equally. When it comes to you know of a young man. The facts -- trying to get me off the facts we -- -- talking about I think -- -- I think it's because that's what did you according -- you there shouldn't be different price is not a different note I took a fine as long as there's no dramatic and relevant. Another legal points -- -- but the statue limitations let's say she was fourteen. But now four years -- that does that make a difference. Yes it does make a difference on the statue limitations will apply but here there should be next three years yeah. He is three years or so pursuant to -- the interesting question is -- in two years and now she dumps this guy right. Or even in six months from now two months now learned tall greatness indicted discovering that may make it -- but but still you we know now -- so -- -- it's not. Coming to -- mean if any targets are going to be in -- text messages analysts say it's the hotel at their hotel -- fatal what do you think they did -- Fairmont park hotel together yeah. No I don't think just a hotel I mean you have to demonstrate that she was there timid she's trying to -- catalog that's within the mother looked -- you got into -- -- You know credit -- mean she's she's out there she's furious this is a teacher this was her -- -- to you have a baby that. I think you guys are adamantly -- right now.

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{"id":15825417,"title":"Teacher, Teen Move in Together: Can He Be Charged?","duration":"4:41","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the relationship between teacher and student.","url":"/GMA/video/teacher-teen-move-charged-15825417","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}