Team Obama on Offensive After Ryan Announcement

The White House is painting Ryan as a dangerous pick for Romney's Vice President.
3:00 | 08/12/12

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Transcript for Team Obama on Offensive After Ryan Announcement
While team Romney says the -- -- is bold. Team Obama says it is dangerous they are spending Ryan as an anti government ideologues who wants to slash. Government programs like Medicare while cutting taxes for the rich ABC's David Carroll is at the White House this morning covering that side. This story David good morning to you. Where do you -- you know they are changing the playbook and this one is really kind of a strange pick because Mitt Romney's happy conservative Republicans and happy are happy. And so -- the Democrats they believe this changes the story line from a referendum on the president to a choice election. About big ideas. As soon as he stepped off the aircraft in Chicago. President Obama headed to his campaign headquarters for a meeting about the new political landscape and a pep talk. How are they feeling the Obama website -- game on. Romney calls his ticket the comeback team the Obama response. That the Republicans are actually -- go -- team returning to bush era policies. Already a new Obama had on the web and rewriting the health care system. Medicare Social Security our entire tax system -- -- like the Obama campaign suggests the Ryan -- fits their narrative. The Republicans want to give tax cuts to the rich. While dismantling Medicare privatizing Social Security hurting the middle class. Some Democrats seemed gleeful. Senate leader Harry Reid claimed the pick of -- caters to the far right. Rather than standing with the middle class. Others called Ryan extreme the ticket a match made in millionaires haven't Bryant the author of -- -- budgets. And what exactly does the president think we don't know he didn't say anything as he left the White House yesterday he's in Chicago for fund raisers -- all day today. But beyond -- he's back on the trail tomorrow I got a feeling he's gonna have a lot to say about mr. Romney's --

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{"id":16988393,"title":"Team Obama on Offensive After Ryan Announcement","duration":"3:00","description":"The White House is painting Ryan as a dangerous pick for Romney's Vice President.","url":"/GMA/video/team-obama-offensive-paul-ryan-announcement-16988393","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}