Ted Allen's Brunch Tart With Swiss Chard and Bacon

Star of "Chopped" also prepares a summer pasta salad and sticky bread pudding.
3:00 | 08/09/12

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Transcript for Ted Allen's Brunch Tart With Swiss Chard and Bacon
My man, ted allen, is here with us, putting cameron mathison and I on his hit show, "chopped." There I am. Cinnamon candies. But I immulsified. It was fun. I would come back in a second and hopefully do well. However, he's bringing his new book in my kitchen to our kitchen. Albeit outside. We love having you. What are you making for us today, ted? Want to do a brunch idea. You have quiche. This is sort of like a quiche, but more fancy with puff pastry. It has bacon and wheat and thyme. People hear quiche and they maybe have an idea in their head. But the puff pastry is going to get it done. We throw some bacon in here. I cooked the bacon down and used the bacon fat to cook t leaks. That's like mellowed-out onions. I try to use bacon later in the meal. The flavor that remains -- you get so much flavor from bacon. But you want to go easy with it. You don't want to go too much. You will cook your leeks and onions for about five minutes. And then, add garlic. Then, you throw in swiss chard. That's the one healthy thing in the whole dish, swiss chard. You feel good about yourself. Absolutely. The rest of it is fairly rich. And it melts down? It's nice and slimy? Not slimy. But the chard reduces, to a degree. It gets soft. And it puts fiber and nutrition in the dish. Then, we move down the line. We move down. And we take a couple of eggs. Whip those up. You want to whip them? I'm not a whisker. Everywhere on everyone else. I don't want people behind the table to be whisked. And with our eggs, we have ricotta cheese. Little salt and pepper. Is that all you're going to do? Pepper stuff? I'll do all of the bacon. Each and every bit of bacon. Josh needs to get involved when we get to the pastry. And some thyme. Give that a big whip up. Yum. This is what it would look like. This is what this will now look like? Correct. The chard cooks right down. What do we have here? Just in case we didn't get it made, we have this prepared ahead of time. We're in good shape. Lara has the puff pastry ready to go. Not yet. Not yet. Here's the heart of the dish. Puff pastry from the frozen section of the grocery store. I don't normally use prepared ingredients. But puff pastry takes like three days to make. Take the filling. Spoon some of this in the middle. Can we pretend it's healthy? It has chard in it. It is healthy. And bacon fat. This is the way to make a dish that looks like it came from a french bakery. You take the outside of the puff pastry. Fold it over. And allow it to sort of crimp, right? And now, lara, you come in with the egg wash and get the edges, which makes it shiny in the oven. And sealing it. Right? It gives it a glossy texture. How much in the oven? 375 degrees, 40 minutes. It's nice to let it rest before you cut it. Let it firm up. And it looks like this. And we want to get to the beautiful salad, combining peaches and tomatoes. I got this from iron chef zakarian. This is a recipe we put on the website. All of the dishes on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! His book, "in my kitchen." He is food network star, ted allen.

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{"id":16967027,"title":"Ted Allen's Brunch Tart With Swiss Chard and Bacon","duration":"3:00","description":"Star of \"Chopped\" also prepares a summer pasta salad and sticky bread pudding.","url":"/GMA/video/ted-allens-brunch-tart-swiss-chard-bacon-summer-16967027","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}