Ted Cruz Attends 'GMA' Town Hall to Answer Voter Questions

The Texas senator addresses a variety of political topics during a special appearance on "Good Morning America."
30:35 | 04/18/16

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Transcript for Ted Cruz Attends 'GMA' Town Hall to Answer Voter Questions
Not wait another moment let's welcome our special guest senator Ted Cruz and his wife hard. Delphi. We're gonna talk to the streets this small helicopters. Hey good morning this morning that seeing a very good to see him. And it usage or we will get through Heidi who's been just a little bit. Work. That's been propped. Good kids but our congratulations another good weekend picking up all fourteen. Available delegates and Wyoming get I can trust still as saying dollar profit continues to say that the system. He is rigged and here's what he said again just on Sunday. It's a rigged system it's a crooked system. It's a 100%. Crooked and it's eight. A corrupt and cricket system. Senator Chris shutting. Under what he's saying well listen Donald is not a complicated and understand. He doesn't handle losing well. They've been a total of five states that vote in the last three weeks. In those five states starting from you talk North Dakota Wisconsin Colorado and Wyoming. One point three million people voted those five states. And he lost all five we have won five in Toronto and also set so is throwing a fit and and he said. Don't for a pretty big win here in new York and even if you do very well in May and June. He's most likely to go to the convention with the most votes the most states won and the most delegates. And most Republican voters think that person should be the nominee what do you say to them. Well. If Donald is the nominee. Hillary Clinton wins and she wins by double digits. And I don't believe Donald is going to be the nominee as I said five states in a row we've won landslides over and over and over again the stakes are too high for us to hand the election. To tip to Hillary Clinton which is what nominating John Cantrell don't take him before June day in all likelihood we're gonna go into a contested convention which means nobody has a majority. And I'll have a ton of delegates he'll have a ton of delegates and it's going to be a battle in Cleveland. To see who can get to a majority you can't get the nomination without earning a majority of the delegates elected by the people. And I believe Donald's highest total B on that first ballot. And he will go steadily down because Donald cannot win and and week we don't want to nominate someone who's a loser in November. Talking about those all important delegates we actually have one. We talked to bow down Louisiana's in his Luke let Louise and unbound delegates from Louisiana here's his question. Vinocur news clippings suggest you developed a reputation in the senate Armenian abstractions and are often unable to work but your colleagues on both sides of the hour. But our future president of the United States clearly need to build coalitions of support in order to succeed. What are your plans to mend fences. Court but congress and give the people like those of us here and start Louisiana the open honest effective government we deserve. Who. Well listen I think it is a terrific question everyone understands right now that Washington is broken people are frustrated. With career politicians in both parties. Because they're not listening to us they're not doing what they said they would do both Democrats and Republicans they make promises and they lie in the go to Washington they don't do it. And I will plead guilty. Having stood up to the career politicians in Washington stood up both to Democrats and leaders of my own party. Because what's happening in Washington is broken now fast forward after we win. Once we win I believe were that I'm gonna have a very productive and positive relationship with congress why because when you've got. A strong conservative president driving an agenda. Congress will work hand in hand just like Ronald Reagan did member Reagan in 76. Primary Gerald Ford for much the same reason because he believed Republicans were standing for anything. And what change when Reagan came in and won a 1980. Was he he won with the support of the people the Reagan revolution was a grassroots movement the reason why we are winning state after state after state is an army. Of the grassroots rising up and and that's really our strength in its its unifying the party and it's up to the voters and and you wanna hear from the voters that we have here so let's get to Amy. All right yes I'm here with James Thompson he is from Staten Island and is still undecided at this moment Sid James what's your question for senator Craig's. Senator I'm January famously criticized New York values many of us are frustrated with the policies he specified we will want it's your criticism as New Yorkers. Having spent the past few days here if you could re freeze you seem him would you do over again. Well James thank you for being here and and it is wonderful V back in New York. You know the phrase New York values action didn't come for me it came from Donald Trump. Was an interview he gave a number of years ago to Meet the Press where where he was explaining his longtime support for partial birth abortion. And his explanation was heck I'm from New York those are New York values they're not Iowa facts and so I was repeating Donald's own phrasing. Now Melamine declares I've said many times the people of New York the folks here you all have suffered under. The left wing democratic policies year after year after year that are forces. Yeah. And and Heidi and I we are fighting for you we're fighting for the people of New York. Who are fed up why Governor Cuomo thinks that the New Yorkers don't want jobs and won't allow fracking to develop a natural resource is Pennsylvania's get just. Jobs I know the men and women here he all of frustrated. When mayor bill the blahs Il and his first weeks in office goes up to parliament tries to shut down charter schools because he says. Young African American and Hispanic kids don't get to go to school because he's so in hock to the teachers' unions. And I'll tell you there was a moment that illustrated. The left wing democratic values perhaps better than any other. And it was when the brave men and women of the NYPD. Stood up and turn their back on build a glossy. Okay. About clear. Its heroes who risk their lives every day because we're tired. Politicians whether it's to Bellagio. Or Obama or Hillary Clinton who. Over and over and over again side with the criminals and looters rather than the people who are risking their lives to keep missing the center you know that phrase heard you hear New York right. Well I I didn't know that it is hurt me with medium which is ended the media but there. If ever comes a day when I'm winning the poll among the media I will have done something profoundly wrong and I'm not holding my. Hot doing here he owns the pizza shop in New York City he's undecided. But leaning towards Donald Trump so what's your question for the senator. Hi I'm lifelong Republican that I've been married to my husband for two years now and my question is. I've noticed a lot of religious freedom laws and somewhat institutionalized discrimination laws happening around the country what would you as president. Two to protect me and my husband from that institutionalized discrimination. Well listen when it comes to religious liberty. Religious liberty is something that protects everyone's it is the very First Amendment in the very first phrase protected in the first. Amendment in the bill of rights. And and religious liberty it applies to Christians and applies to Jews it applies to Muslims and applies to atheists. And and all of us wouldn't want to live in a world. Where we don't have the government dictating our beliefs. Dictating how we live we have a right to live according to our faith. According to our conscience and that freedom. Ultimately protects each and every one of us and and and we shouldn't have the right. To force others to knuckle under and give up their faith and give up their belief and and for May. May not have spent my entire adult life. Fighting to defend religious liberty fighting to defend the freedom of every one of us to seek out worship god. And I think keeping government out of the way of your lives protects the freedom never ever one of us when we talk about it. A lot of people would say why doesn't everybody have the freedom to be treated. Equally so we all have the freedom to tube to be equal. Yeah of course we did but and. The First Amendment protects everyone equally protects our face it protects the face. Of an orthodox Jew to follow his or her face without the government getting in the way. And and and regulating. That cup Kosher dailies and restricting what can be served at Christmas. But protects the freedom of all. Us you know yeah you supported a constitutional amendment that would add the effect of overturning the Supreme Court decision. I'm gay marriage so would that mean. For couples like Todd and his husband who already are married. Well listen I am a constitution must aunt and under the constitution. Marriage is a question for the states that has been the case from the very beginning of this country that it's been up to the states and so if someone wants to change the marriage laws. I don't think it should be five unelected lawyers down in Washington. Dictating that an even if you happen to agree with that particular decision. Why would you want to hand over every. Important public policy issue to five unelected lawyers who aren't accountable to you who don't work for you. Instead if you want to change the marriage laws convince your fellow citizens. To change the laws and by the way it may end up. That we got fifty states that the laws in one state may be different than another state and we would expect that we would expect the people of New York. To adopt different lost perhaps in the people of California or Texas or Florida and that's the great thing about a big diverse country is that we can have. Different laws written that burst. With respect to different values this is a very important issue and another one is about gun violence and Amy has a question that's right. Greece. I get my Convergys you can ask the senator your question. Are you doing I'm an ex drug boss in New York City lap. Look past it now badly in the housing projects in the wrong. It could cause street god and his mock question. In my community here in New York City. Guns are coming in from the south into our African American Latino communities. In want to know if you became president. What would you do decide to stop the gun pipeline from come into my neighborhoods from the south. Well let me say first of all thank you for the ministry that you haven't sent thank you thank you for your example standing up and and touching the lives of other young men and young women unity in your community thank you for what you're doing. No the plague of gun violence we're saying is terrific and and I believe we need to use every tool possible. To go after the criminals. In the wake of the new town shooting the horrible shooting at that elementary school which which horrified all of us. Com I joined with with senator Chuck Grassley and drafting legislation that became known as the law enforcement alternative. And what it did is it targeted bad guys it targeted felons it targeted fugitives. Felons and fugitives for example a try to illegally buy firearms. And and there are tens of thousands of them every year that are caught illegally buying firearms. Right now the Justice Department isn't prosecuting. Gun dealers in the south that are not drug dealers. What are buying these guns in shifting them into my community can you deal with that the urban community not that era you just mentioned the well well but. The way to solve got violence I believe is targeting the criminals not targeting law abiding citizens if you look at the jurisdictions with the worst murder rates. Most of them are the ones with a very strictest gun control laws because when you put gun control laws in place the criminals don't hand over their guns. But the law abiding citizens do and it ends up leaving them more vulnerable. And so you look at Washington DC a look at Chicago both of them. Have for years effectively banned firearms in both of them have for years been right at the top of murder rates. I don't think the answer is stripping people's rights to defend themselves listen if you hear a single mom living in a in a tough neighborhood. The Second Amendment protects your right that if someone comes through the window trying to harm your kids you have a right to protect your kid you have a right to be armed and protect your family. An and I believe the way to stop the gun violence is not. Disarming the law abiding citizens but rather targeting the criminals and coming down on them like a ton of bricks and the point I was making I drafted legislation. That would go after the criminals that would prosecute any felon or fugitive who tries to illegally by gun. And the Democrats filibustered Harry Reid led the filibuster. Because their view was if they couldn't strip away the Second Amendment Rights of everybody here. They weren't willing to go along with targeting criminals it doesn't work when you strip the Second Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens I want to target the bad guys and not be good. Senator we got a lot more clay. Alex had crews live here in Times Square and all across the country where. Parties there and there. This is gonna join us up here on the stage in just a moment but first that it approves of answering your questions just one day one inning double for the big primary here in the US right next week. Pennsylvania because that's really go right now John calls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He's a voters at honey sit need a lot of questions from senator let's go to John. Hey George Roberts senator cruise I'm joined here with him. And oh to 42 year old Pennsylvania Republican voter who senators I believe is highly likely to vote for you but as he highly relevant question here. Considering it is tax day what your question. Hi senator crews went eight congress like him barely passed they simple budget. How do you plan to pass something as contentious. The flat tax and abolish the arraf. Well Hanna thank you for that question and thank you thank you for coming out today you know today as everyone pit sends in their taxes it really underscores the burden that our taxes put on our economy. Not number one priority as president is jobs and economic growth I think jobs and economic growth or what New Yorkers want. They're what people in Pennsylvania and Maryland wants or what people all across this country want. And the biggest barrier to job creation as federal taxes. And federal regulations and we need to pull them back malice in passing a flat tax. I'm running on a simple flat tax where every American every one of us we can fill out our taxes on a postcard. And then as you noted we're gonna abolish the IRS now your question is how do we get it done I will readily confess that manes. That is not a simple thing to do but you know we have a great historical analog to it if you if you look back to 1981. Ronald Reagan had just been elected president in in a landslide election. And when he got Ian Tip O'Neill the democratic speaker of the house told Reagan said don't even bother to send your tax plan. To congress CAD is dead on arrival those are the words tip news. Now Reagan didn't so honored around the Capitol Hill in port porous Scott king and use his legendary Irish wit on Aminu that would work. Instead Reagan went over his head went straight to the American people made the case to the American people tip had twenty democratic votes in a democratic house. But suddenly millions of Americans began lighting up the phones calling congress. And tips twenty votes became nineteen became eighteen became seventeen and it disappeared. We passed one of the biggest tax reforms one of the biggest tax cuts in the history of this country and it unleashed. Unbelievable economic growth I intended do the same thing. With a simple flat tax would abolishing the IRS we're going to make 2016 the general election a referendum. On abolishing the IRS and repealing obamacare and the way to get it done is come out of the election with a mandate from the people let me explain it very simply. There's an old joke. That politics. Is Hollywood for ugly people. That's how you get it done you change the incentives. We're elected politicians want to stay in office in other words. I can't get it done it takes you it takes every one of us the only way to get it done as the way Reagan did it with the Reagan revolution where they grassroots tidal wave. And I believe that's what we're seeing across the. Country related economic issue national debt senator could you heard Donald Trump say couple weeks back we can eliminate. The national debt in just eight years I don't think that's possible. Well listen Donald. There is missing a few peaks. He's always interesting to watch he he he's he's a fun entertainer. But Donald has no real solutions. If you look at the problems facing. You know it's been a couple of months as we've had a debate because Donald is terrified of debating the Democrats are debating know why is it for the Democrats think the people of New York deserve a debate. And yet Donald Trump is so scared of a debate that he won't give the people of New York a debate the reason is he he doesn't have an answer. How do you bring jobs back to America Donald has no idea he has no proposals no substance. On foreign policy had to get a sea ice is Donald has no idea whatsoever. And so when it comes to the debt. He doesn't understand the problem he hasn't spent any time study I'm running. On three key issues jobs freedom and security you want to bring jobs back to America tell you how you do it you lift the burdens on small businesses. Tax reform and regulatory reform you repeal obamacare is stop amnesty you pull back the regulators when's the last time you heard Donald Trump talk about regulators. Let me tell it it EPA and federal regulators are hammering small businesses you know a gentleman with a pizza shop earlier today. How many small business owners are getting hammered by federal regulators if I'm elected president we're pull back the regulators which means you're going to be able to expand your pizza shop you're going to be able to hire more employees and that's what people want. Donald and haven't answered any of that that's Weiss hiding from debates. And instead sitting there tweeting we need real solutions to the problem facing. And you'll join us here. Your husband. Yeah this man better than you. This is crews. My first thought I'd I read somewhere that at the age of eight you can fell in love with politics that they were so what was it. Well I think what I may have said as I fell in love with business when I was at a young child my parents have my brother and I start a business. And I learned very quickly that it's good to have less regulation rather than more. In fact we had a thriving little. Red business so we thought expanding it but it caused us do a lot of regulatory things and so we stayed small. But I didn't become interest in politics answer your question and I think that beginning up it. Was. City and selling Braddock behind my bread stand reading time magazine. And I used to read that amazing when I was a kid and I followed the elections early elections in the eighties. And then Miami parents took us to see a lot of things we went to visit Washington DC like a lot of families do. And I saw what an incredible. Potential. That the houses of congress the executive branch or judicial grant's house. Two oh lead this country and it can if your husband is elected entered in living there on Pennsylvania Avenue what would be here your focus as First Lady. Well clip said before we are in the middle of a an intense primary. And we are working hard to earned the support of Republican primary voters and it's been an exciting process we've had an incredible success and it's easy to campaign for tat. So we have not spent a lot of time on mount my agenda I've had a very simplified job description which is to help tent went. But I do have interests and I think one of the greatest honors of being. Ted's partner in Nantes is being able to do things that are that have the greatest needs in this country. And tenor voice agreed that school choice would be the very top of that agenda. Bets on when kids have the opportunity for an education tree terrific education it's what gave so many of us are start. Ending his his partner you have been on the campaign trail and you have heard. The the negativity throughout on both sides they had than people often commented on that and we we have something that we want to show you. Some things that some of the people who are running against you have said over this process is equivalent. This is just been telling lies senator Ted to smear artist these nasty guy nobody likes him nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know. You know people who attend such a harsh campaign. Harsh campaign again. On on both sides of the I'll how has that impacted your family. Well yet it's what it doesn't upset the candidate it's a lot easier on the family. And one of the qualities that I've always admired about ten really since the day we and that is how incredibly unflappable he has things don't really bother Ted that bother most people and and an issue a reason for about that I've seen over the last sixteen years is because Ted is in politics. For the issues to focus on the issues to get things done and he really does. All of these attacks I want to add one thing which is the kids. They always say the things that are the troops and the other day Carolyn who's just turned eight she would want all of its. I just turned eight on Thursday. Me she said you know mom as we go through these states. More and more people are gonna vote for daddy because they're gonna know him and when people know my god vote for him. Well and generally whole wheat bread my mom had a great recipe. But we did little things around Christmas we made cinnamon bread during Christmas we raised our prices we lowered that we made bigger loaves and smaller loads. But I I've mentioned that experience because teaching kids that they can do something that out of the value that they get paid for. And that they can adjust when they make mistakes and failures OK you can start again and taking some risk in coming to count money and save. All those things are great skills of the another thing that I would focus on is some aspect of entrepreneurship. For lot of great organizations that already do that. But these are great just foundational skill building things that happen in the private sector. Thank you. I eighty and Amy's every got a question for mr. them. That's right I do this one comes to us from Bonnie pointer an undecided voter from California take a look. Hi senator Chris my name is Bonnie and I am a grandmother of three from California. My question to you Lee is would you except being Donald Trump's vice pres. Well Bonnie thank you for that question. Let me just answer very simply I have zero interest whatsoever. In. I. Yeah. There are a lot of reasons but perhaps the simplest is if Donald is the nominee. Hillary wins Hillary wins by double digits and I don't think there's anything we can do to change that. An and the stakes are too high that's why it's nationwide 65 to 70% of Republicans. Recognize Donald Trump loses to Hillary it's why we're saying Republicans. Uniting behind our campaign it's why added the seventeen Republican candidates who started this race. Five of them are supporting our campaign we've been supported now by Rick Perry by Lindsey Graham by Jeb Bush last Scott Walker by Carly Fiorina. Now all of us started out as opponents we've come together and united because week how to win. And if Donald's the nominee. He loses if I'm the nominee I'd be Hillary Clinton were beating her in key swing states we're beating her with independents were beating her with young people. And we've got to win we can't do on other for eight more years. On the road we're on right now. We're here to talk about serious issues. But voters also like to get to know all the candidates look into what is now she's fighting these are the what does it bode well this is leading to salute we've heard about the the lighter side. But Ted Cruz Heidi added something about him impressions he does impressions really well. What you're there are people who do impressions in the near the rest of us who do not. Ted is one of those who does impressions tens really funny ten of the great sense of humor a love to tell jokes he and Carol and her eight year old go back and forth at a they're the only two people with him to think the jokes are funny but air from eight year old Joseph Lusk. And does a tent has went and other Salem about tendency of the greats of the humor and so he is given to impression that a couple of them are quite good. Thick and rich take a look back up. Yeah right here. Release how. Hanks has highly donate her lead locally need Reno. I'm of that hit Terry. I don't eat animals. Don't lease. Animals are so delicious. There's the animal weekend they confront the animal we hang him from the animal we get sausage front. I had that's all the same animal. Who who warn some other magic Animal Planet all the wonderful foods come. Forward not back works. Our board is not down more. Is currently. The freedom. What's your favorite a pressure that he does. I think that some some delays have been a vegetarian. From California having my ate meat eating Latin Texan husband explains. I'm ready source of good food we we have a family debate going to act Catherine as five. And she says she's next she's vegetarian and meat eating. I guess I gotta ask if I was good on the stage many times a Donald Trump commuted can you do. Don't you you know I. I don't have a Donald. You know he he's he's one of a kind and I'm glad to leave it at that. We'll be right back. Had to prove how could quick Steve Brown right now whether voters here in Times Square sail over cal Ryan's team from Forest Hills New York. Hi and it's and their crews what is your favorite place to take your wife and he. Oh that's a great question you know we usually do date night ideally Sunday nights and we either do so on Friday nights we take the girls out California Pizza Kitchen into a family night normally Sunday night it's late. And and we tend to do either either sushi or Mexican depending on the given night but we do do a lot of nights a place. Yeah that well yeah. Grace what is your question where you're from new York and friend since candy my questions for Heidi. As First Lady look kind of diligently. Well in the White House. Well these things maybe a little nostalgic deduct a child had we had a lovely little cocker spaniel. Named Roscoe. And he was my first thought he had played here on the top of his head and so maybe we can bring him back and I remember regular promise that the girls on the don't happen. We do so they have one dog snowflake which is this little white fur ball it was a rescue copy. And and we promise the girl who we talked him at the beginning we said if if if we. If we win and they can get a second dog they wanted to pony so the second dog. It's got sultan. A Muslim from Harlem New York pressing question for New Yorkers New York's thin crust or Chicago deep dish insisted. To go actually on the thin crust guy. Yeah. The critical piece a primary I'm the only one of the Republican candidates who doesn't eat pizza with and I think. To have these lighter moments of course it's a very serious time what we're facing in this country but does it help to be able to to have moments like this all you've got to laugh you've got to have fun you know yesterday we flew back home to Houston because we did Caroline's a birthday party and we written build it there. And and there was you know 157. An eight year old girls. And it featured in the middle I was instructed to charge into the middle of the girls and yelled banana. As loud as I could because they were all millions and yelled banana and then tackled me and an. I get a look that reminds you what your fight. For much you do and you find the kids on the road viewed as well right then they've been on the road a lot. And vigor New York. A temporary mission to save his own just love that. We'll be right back. Tracks were. Great questions this morning and those joining us from the gateway Dieter and go Albany, New York. On Long Island and the Montgomery County Republican Party and Rockville Maryland our thanks to Nall. Yeah we get everybody out there also senator Ted crews can answer more of your questions and allied FaceBook chat. That is coming up you can join in now on the Jimmy FaceBook page twelve another live town hall. I'm Jim made this Thursday Hillary Clinton. Is going to be here joining us for that. Senator Heidi who's making so much for joining us a really great time we thank you tennis they break.

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