Teen Invents Flashlight That Could Change The World

"Hollow Flashlight" doesn't use batteries, powered solely by hand warmth.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Teen Invents Flashlight That Could Change The World
A lot of people around the world don't have any active electricity -- any life is something that we take for granted like clicking on a light switch is just isn't possible for them. So I invented a flashlight that doesn't any batteries. Like any time any place and it -- -- the heat of the human hand. My name is and I -- since he and sixteen years old an island in Victoria British Columbia Canada. I think I have always been ingested in the world of science because that. That's what surrounding me all the time. My parents agonizing nine days apart and encouraging them -- I was really -- -- when analysts smallest she always loved to invent things she sees me and my wife take things apart and and then build things and maybe that's so there -- -- I -- half Filipino my mom is from the Philippines so I've been to the Philippines a couple of times the most recent trip was announced -- -- -- We stay at my mom small village you know you can't really see the difference between. Our lives hearing in Canada and over that -- you know poppies -- exchanged and a middle a lot of friends out there -- southbound mystique sedans and. -- compatriot -- some of her friends that she befriended in the village one of her friends told her that she failed school because she didn't have any life to studying that night. That was kind of the inspiration for my project because you know -- just like me. I just wanted to have you know kind of help all my friend in the Philippines. A lot of people like Holly -- you -- ourselves but for that we need to have a source. Lightly the sun are bird wind power U need -- About human body he could they heard were described as walking 100 watt lightbulb did so much -- -- in radiating out of -- and it's totally being wasted. I used healthy cows to high -- human heat. So wit palisades house its -- he went inside of them and you will be other just city movies produced the -- tells a beeline right. Under is willing to put your hand on and can hold it and I could the other side of the healthy tiles with a hollow aluminum tube. And the -- -- he conduct there also it is hollow and that allows for Eric convection currents to floats through and around the Q that I have and could even -- Princess of making my flashlight definitely took me quite awhile to come up with a -- design especially with the hollow part. But the materials themselves in naked aren't quite affordable -- it costs me only around 26 dollars or so to make my flashlight. I'm the flashlights lasts for as long as possible as long as there's a huge differential between your hand me and the ambient air. I went outside action and went for a lot and -- held it for twenty minutes and it was pretty chilly -- it was still working my bosh -- as long as as the temperature difference it will wearing. It's quite a wonderful surprise you know I remember -- for Charlie to flush supply goodness thank god I don't believe if I put my hand and -- -- -- life. I have to inspect the circuit some television -- -- they have in the -- -- size I first. Excuse -- it's really pay act says -- -- last year that was locally here on Vancouver Island cycle marine science teacher mrs. Payne came up to me. Engines -- -- -- I heard about this thing and it's called the Google science fair. Yeah I can go check it out -- agents and you've heard yet you don't have to do a ton of extra work if you've already done. The local science fair why not take that chance -- -- -- project on -- alone with 82 minute video about me talking not my flashlight. My hands and -- -- fifteen years ago. Which -- posted on YouTube. Didn't go to science and apparently thousands of people -- I'm not sure of exact -- the -- That's what sat on the day that they announce the finalists it was on the air live Google hang out -- just for fun. This has the record button on the my webcam so at a video uliassi was really funny and finally. I cannot expect to win anything I personally thought my project was. Like the baby project -- it was so simple and it is it was so simple compared to other people's projects he's. You read about the other experiments of the other children they were really. Complicated I didn't believe that she. Good times. For electronic components. It won second prize a little -- here. It was from the park where her name flashed on the screen that -- We've been seeing you could -- much love let her expression that she -- -- stop. I could not believe it actually -- on the confetti that it was like raining down like captain Nevada home and making it. Some people suggested to me is the reason that I did when my age category was. Because my project was so simple -- -- picked it up and it reflects. Everyone -- -- -- there's really really out of -- I'm twenty came back after winning the award she got a standing ovation he never expected all of this. Publicity about surprises -- happen. I'm very happy to say that she's still the same she doesn't get any special treatment -- homes you know. -- and missing person. I just so proud of her and I don't -- works basically right after previous years meisters and start thinking for signs that. There's a lot of limitations. In how much -- I can improve my flashlight but. I am working ahead wants to make sure that my flashlight. Would be available -- -- community needed. That's my prepared.

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{"id":22666280,"title":"Teen Invents Flashlight That Could Change The World","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Hollow Flashlight\" doesn't use batteries, powered solely by hand warmth. ","url":"/GMA/video/teen-invents-flashlight-change-world-22666280","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}