Teen Mom Kills Intruder: Accomplice in Court

Sarah McKinley will not face charges for shooting man who broke into her home.
2:46 | 01/06/12

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Transcript for Teen Mom Kills Intruder: Accomplice in Court
New details now about the young mother who shot and killed an intruder while she was on the phone -- 911. Authorities say she will not face murder charges but the intruders allege accomplish will. ABC's Brian Owens joins us with the latest on all this morning Ryan. Good morning to you -- this really is an incredible legal twist if you think about it the young woman who pulled the trigger is legally in the clear. And a young man who didn't even have a gun when this happens. Is now charged with murder. I'm online market imagine seventy. If I had my go -- and implement a complaint complaint and it kinda look at the Catholic architecture actually leading. This is the young mother who fired the deadly shot. I walked over and got the twelve gauge. When in the bedroom and got the pistol and with a bottle in his mouth and I called nine points. Eighteen year old Sarah McKinley was home alone taking care of her three month old son on New Year's Eve. Her husband had just died of cancer on Christmas Day. -- -- -- -- People are kind of got concurrent in my hands that are considered incompetent killer and a -- he had to do whatever you can go to protect yourself what can tell you that you can do that that you do what you have to do you protect your baby. McKinley shot and killed one of the two men who was breaking into -- home but this is the man now charged with first degree murder. It sounds strange but prosecutors say Dustin Stewart is responsible for the death of his friend and alleged accomplice. Justin Martin. In -- when the death of somebody occurs during the commission that film and were allowed to file. A murder charge and that's what we've done in this particular case because they mr. Stewart would be responsible for the death. Have Justin Martin. Police believe Stewart and -- were high on prescription painkillers and may have come to McKinley -- looking for more. What they found was a mother with a killer maternal instinct. And that's a more dangerous than a mother with a child. Police say what she did was justified. And apparently her community agrees. Donations and baby clothes are pouring yen for the young woman her neighbors had nicknamed. The make my -- bomb. It makes you realize that there's good people feel -- -- just say here's some money say that I did the right thing for to see somebody you know send something -- For a -- -- you know anything like that you know it means so much. McKinley is now getting worldwide attention and police there in Oklahoma want to make sure she stays safe. They are constantly patrolling her home. And Robin they actually stopped by twice. Just what we were interviewing her last night -- -- she appreciates all the support all right there Ryan thank you.

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{"id":15303611,"title":"Teen Mom Kills Intruder: Accomplice in Court","duration":"2:46","description":"Sarah McKinley will not face charges for shooting man who broke into her home.","url":"/GMA/video/teen-mom-sarah-mckinley-kills-intruder-phone-911-15303611","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}