Teen surfer rescues drowning boater

Sam Ruskin, 13, rushed to a boater's aid off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, in a rescue that was captured on drone video.
1:52 | 10/31/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen surfer rescues drowning boater
We move to an incredible rescue. A teenage surfer spotted a drowning boater and paddled out to save his life captured on drone footage. Diane Macedo has the story. The current at this beach is so powerful the boy's father describes it as swimming in quicksand. On this day it was enough to sink a man's boat and nearly drown him as well. But lucky for him there was a very brave eighth grader nearby who jumped right into action. Watch as a drone captures the terrifying moment this boat becomes trapped in the rough waters off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. The boat capsizes throwing the man on board into the ocean. He's trying everything he can to keep his head above water when 13-year-old surfer Sam Ruskin hears his cries for help. At first we just saw like all the like the boxes from the boat like in the middle of the sea and were like what's going on. Reporter: A moment later he spotted him fighting against the tide. There was this guy coming around the inlet so I paddled to the end of the inlet and like where the current is and I gave him my surfboard. It's really strong. I was swimming next to him so I was really kind of struggling just to get out of that area because you can get sucked into the jetty. Sam's dad says he's not surprised by his son's heroism. It's about his character. He didn't even blink an eye, just went right over there. Jumped off his board. Handed it to a grown man, saved had is life. Came back and said, hey, what's for dinner, dad? Sam isn't letting his new-found fame ongoing to his head. He said thank you as he got off and I went back surfing. And Sam's father says his son was so calm about this whole thing were it not for this drone video he says he would have had no idea how significant his son's actions really were. He literally said so anyway this happened and what's for dinner. He's going to keep on surfing. Even after. He said, yeah, I saved a guy and he said thank you and carried on in the water.

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{"id":50829420,"title":"Teen surfer rescues drowning boater","duration":"1:52","description":"Sam Ruskin, 13, rushed to a boater's aid off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, in a rescue that was captured on drone video.","url":"/GMA/video/teen-surfer-rescues-drowning-boater-50829420","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}