Teens react to giving up social media for a week

Teens who took part in a campaign by SheKnows Media share their thoughts after they gave up social media and online games for an entire week.
3:19 | 10/27/17

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Transcript for Teens react to giving up social media for a week
of what happens when a group of teens are challenged to unplug, giving up social media, on line games and going offline for an entire week. Linzie Janis is here with the very brave tests and the results. Good morning. I'm really glad I wasn't living with one of these teens forced to give up their phone. This was conducted about I a parenting website designed to monitor how these kids were feeling every step of the way during their digital detox. Many revealing how attached they are to their phones. I think like 90% of my friendships rely on my phone. I use my phone as a lot as a stress relief. He will we'll ask each of you to give up all the fun stuff on your phone for one whole week. I'm crying. I don't like it. She knows media challenged ten New York City teens to disconnect digitally for seven days. No social media, no streaming videos and no texting. Your parents have all signed off on this. How does that make you feel now? Betrayed. Stressed. Nervous. When you talk about withdrawal you look at various levels of it so I think at one end of the spectrum the kids who are very used to it were a little anxious, a little twitchy and then at the end other end is if you take it away completely, does it make somebody physically anxious? Do you see them sweating, that their heart rate is raised. Reporter: They reported on their progress. I had one of those nights where I'm like I need my phone. I need it. I need it. I need it. So I constructed myself this. It's my fake phone. It's actually much nicer because when we're hanging out we're not on our phones as much. Reporter: At the end of the seven days, the moment of truth. I slipped up one time I think and it was texting my sister. Friday I sent a video to my friend on Snapchat and I was like, oh, shoot and she replied and I didn't check in. How did it make you feel. Refreshed. Relieved. Calm. Good. Just doing this digital detox is showing me how much I use social media and I haven't really thought about how much I use it until I don't have it anymore. Reporter: Henry confessing he felt stressed because his phone helps him unwind. This week Henry did slip up. I logged into my YouTube. I would by no means call it a fail. It was a Challen and a challenge is not supposed to be easy. Reporter: Jojo found herselves doing things she once loved to do. She wasn't distracted. She listened to music. Spent more time with us. I loved it. Reporter: The amount of screen time matters, this expert says, but even more important are the activities kids engage in and how it impacts their mood. If you watch your kids and talk to them and slow it down, and understand what they're using it for, then it can be perfectly healthy and Normal. So for all the anxiety the experiment initially created most of the kids said they would now consider voluntarily giving up some screen time and when they were asked who they would challenge to do a digital detox next they all said their parents. Yeah. They didn't think their parents would be up to doing it. It might be harder for the parents than my kids. My twins turned 13 on Saturday and daddy has a birthday present for you.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Teens who took part in a campaign by SheKnows Media share their thoughts after they gave up social media and online games for an entire week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50748143","title":"Teens react to giving up social media for a week ","url":"/GMA/video/teens-react-giving-social-media-week-50748143"}