Surgery Saves Conjoined Twins

Cecilia Vega reports on the operation that saved 2-year-old conjoined twins.
2:21 | 11/02/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surgery Saves Conjoined Twins
The two year old who first told you about yesterday. After ten hours of high wrist surgery -- and Angelina some Google are sleeping in their own beds for the first time in their lives ABC Cecilia Vega threw the details. And it sure sounds like this could have gone any better goods store. The twins are healthy and now on their way to living independent lives. The ten hour surgery was risky and delicate just separating the girls took more than two hours. Nearly half of the operation was spent reconstructing their tiny bodies. But when it was finally over these conjoined twins from the Philippines emerged in the California hospital. As unique individuals for the very first time. We're very pleased things basically could not have gone better. Angelina and -- sued Google had never spent tonight without the other by her side. They have never taken -- -- alone their mother hopes today's the start of a healthy. Ordinary life I thank god for had been. This is a dream come June. The girls were born attached to the chest and abdomen joined from the middle of the breast bone down to the naval they had to hearts but shared a liver. Separating that organ was the most challenging part of the operation. It's a very large surface area that delivers -- refused to. Together and that that just took time there was really no blood loss. It took twenty doctors and nurses from Stanford university's Children's Hospital to help conceive this double dose -- -- Doctor Gary Hartman who led the team is no stranger to this complicated operation. This was his sixth separation of conjoined twins. Our long term prognosis we would expect happy healthy. Said the girls. The girls will spend at least the next week in intensive care. And the next few months rehabilitating their strength their future. -- -- bright. There -- very resilient so my expectation is that they will bounce back. From this quite well. The girls were Katz -- dated overnight but doctors say they could be awake -- today. It is fantastic and Syria can get over how beautiful New -- thank -- -- --

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Cecilia Vega reports on the operation that saved 2-year-old conjoined twins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14864038","title":"Surgery Saves Conjoined Twins","url":"/GMA/video/ten-hour-surgery-successfully-separates-twins-14864038"}