Two Children Missing After Deadly Fire

Police initially thought the kids had died in the fire, but now are on a desperate search.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for Two Children Missing After Deadly Fire
We're going to begin with the frantic search for the two missing young children after a deadly house fire in tennessee. Police thought they died in the blaze. Now, authorities are on a desperate hunt to find them. Abc's linsey davis is here with the very latest. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, amy. Initially, it was believed this tennessee house fire claimed four lives. But it turns out, investigators only found two of the body, plus the charred remains of the family dog. There's no sign of the two children in the home anywhere. Investigators are on a frantic search to find these two children. Police initially thought 9-year-old chloie leverette and her 7-year-old brother, gauge daniel, had been killed in a house fire in tennessee sunday, along with their step-grandparents. But this morning, after investigators failed to find their bodies, the tennessee bureau of investigation, has issued an endangered children alert. We don't have sufficient evidence, from fire investigators right now, to positively conclude they died in this fire, makes us want to make sure they are not somewhere else. If we just had ashes, you know, and the bodies. But we don't have anything. Reporter: Fire officials say they recovered the bodies of leon McClaren sr. And his wife, molly, inside the home. But not the bodies of the children, despite the use of infrared cameras on helicopters to scour the scene. Children this age, over 90% of the time, are taken by their own parents or a close relative. There mother has been spoken to. She does not have the children. There's other family members that we are looking to speak with today. Reporter: The children were portedly last seen near the home around 6:30 sunday night, approximately three hours before the fire began. Investigators initially believed all four family members would asleep when the flames engulfed It was just shock. It's a shock. Reporter: This morning, as detectives try to piece together what happened to 9-year-old chloie and her 7-year-old brother, the family is enduring a grueling waiting game. We will wait and pray. Reporter: Leon was a retired farmer who cared for his wife, molly, undergoing treatment for breast cancer. The grandparents had custody of both kids and had been living with them for the last five years.

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{"id":17336760,"title":"Two Children Missing After Deadly Fire","duration":"3:00","description":"Police initially thought the kids had died in the fire, but now are on a desperate search.","url":"/GMA/video/tennessee-children-missing-deadly-fire-step-grandparents-home-17336760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}