Venus Williams Prepares for US Open With 'Mini-Tennis'

The tennis champion reveals how she balances everything from competing to her decorating business.
3:31 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Venus Williams Prepares for US Open With 'Mini-Tennis'
Oh, lara? Very excited to be joined by tennis star, venus williams. She's in town for the u.S. Open, which starts on monday. First, we're going to play a little bit of minitennis here. Be gentle. I'll try. I'm going to try to distract you with the conversation, while I take you down. Let's talk about the open. You won in the past. What is it like, this experience and this event, for you? For us, american players, this is huge. This is the last major of the year. And it's in the u.S. It's huge. All of us are on our best game. I can't wait for monday. And your sis are number one ranked. We're playing doubles. And that's been so important for us throughout our career. We played so many titles together. So, it's kind of like girl power, sister power. When you're out there, do you communicate? Or do you not need to anymore? We do. The first time we played, we didn't. But after we lost, we realized, we need to talk during the match. Even the williams sisters. There's been talk of you maybe slowing down. Do you have anything to say about that? There hasn't been talk. I don't know where you got that from. This is what they say. Ask her whether or not she's interested in slowing down. DON'T ASK ME THAT BECAUSE I'M wÑ Not. So, it's all cleared up. Let's make that -- now, I'm really going to get the heat. Moet gave us this little court. I want to talk about all of the things you do in your life.Séla like 11 fitness journey. Well, 11 is my clothing line. This is our current season. I'm going to be wearing this on the court, as well. This print. And fitness journeys is about being comfortable about what you put in your body. And the journey of fitness through a lifetime. Not the one day that you're being good. So, it's kind of talking. Talking and walking the walk, by being serious about what you put in your body. And our website launches on SEPTEMBER 5th. A tennis line with serious flair. How do you balance it all? Between the working out, the clothing designings. I take the weekends off when I'm not playing a semi or a final. Gary, if you would do the honors. Why don't you start. Show them what you're going to give them at the u.S. Open. She put it in the air. Ooh. 1-0. I didn't have my regular warm-up. You're quite good, actually. Did everybody just hear that? One more. Ready? It's a tie. When you're out there, u.S. Open, what are you thinking? When you're playing someone as aggressive and powerful as myself? I just usually, you know, realize that I just got to hang in there until you make a mistake. Does that count? Of course it does. Is that 2-2? It's whatever you want it to be. I'm playing tennis with venus williams. I'm so excited. This is crazy. We want to thank -- oh, my. We want to say congratulations to you. Good luck at the u.S. Open. And good luck to your sister. And everybody, do check out u.S. Open, all of the action on espn's family of networks, STARTING MONDAY, AUGUST 26th. What a joy that was. I'm kind of sweating.

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{"id":20034169,"title":"Venus Williams Prepares for US Open With 'Mini-Tennis'","duration":"3:31","description":"The tennis champion reveals how she balances everything from competing to her decorating business.","url":"/GMA/video/tennis-champion-venus-williams-prepares-return-us-open-20034169","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}