Tensions between US and North Korea deepen after UN speech

President Trump tweeted out a response to the North Korean foreign minister's address at the UN General Assembly.
5:12 | 09/24/17

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Transcript for Tensions between US and North Korea deepen after UN speech
of wards in which president trump is engaged this morning. This one, with nuclear stakes. Trump and North Korea exchanging a fresh round of public insults over the the weekend. All of this as the Pentagon sent a message to Pyongyang by flying bombers and fighter jets along the north Korean coast. A record 83% see north kree yazz a a threat, only2% trust president trump to handle north Korea. Stephanie Ramos is in new Jersey. Where the president is waking up this morning. Stephanie, good morning to you. Reporter: Dan and Paula, good morning. North Korea's foreign minister lashed out against president trump during a speech to the U.N. General assembly, saying trumps a fiery comments put the U.S. And North Korea closer to war. This morning, more tension. After the president tweeted this overnight. Just heard foreign minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he ek coast thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. This, after North Korea's foreign minister slammed president trump for insulting North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un. Saying he's committed an inreversible mistake. In case innocent lives of the U.S. Are harmed because of the suicide attack, trump will the held totally responsible. He called president trump a mentally deranged person full of megalomania and full of complacency. The insults between trump and Kim Jong-un are getting worse. Not leaving much room for a diplomatic solution. What North Korea wants more than anything else is a direct stand off or confrontation with the United States. Reporter: In a show of mill stage strength, U.S. Air force b-1 B bombers flew off the coast of North Korea an Saturday. Military options are on the table if the U.S. Needs to defend its. But those options would come at a high cost. Any sort of military confrontation would be devastating in terms of the human toll. Reporter: The aircraft that flew off the coast of north Korea yesterday that's the farthest north of the dmz border any American flight has gone in century. The pent go says that shows how serious they're taking north Korea's quote reckless behavior. Dan? Paula? Stephanie, thank you. We want to bring in Martha Raddatz who is busy prepping for an edition of "This week." Thank you for joining us. North Korea. An enprecedented war of words. Rocketman. Dotard. Madman. Are we headed to war? No one can answer that. This escalation is so alarming, Paula and Dan. Think especially when you think back at the earlier words with Donald Trump saying the U.S. Could totally destroy north Korea. And then North Korea comes back and says they will test a hydrogen bomb, possible test a hydrogen bomb over the pacific the. Kim Jong-un has made many threats. Said he'll do things. Test a nuclear weapon underground. He did it. Test an icbm. He did it the. If he does this, this will be a stunning and dangerous escalati escalation. I think that's what you have to keep your eye on more than anything that these personal insults that go back and forth, too. Especially the personal insults to Kim Jong-un. This is is man who has a cult of personality. That is his whole thing. In nofrt North Korea preside. It is about him. His personality. When he's insults, he responds. He responded in his name this week. If they do test -- this hydrogen bomb test over the pacific, what options do we have to respond? Well, I think there are a lot of options to respond. Do you do some sort of preemptive strike? What did they have those bombers up there north of the the dmz? They want to send message that we would respond. Donald Trump's language about totally destroying North Korea I can't imagine that would happen. At this point. But, in many ways, you would have to respond given what the president said. Given the dangers of an atmospheric test above ground test of a nuclear weapon that has not been done in decades. And decades, and decades, because of the danger. Because of nuclear fallout. The problem is, one response can who knows where that leads? Could be a slippery slope. Martha Raddatz. Scary topic. Thank you so much for your analysis. She's got a big show coming up. More on president trump versus the NFL and the latest on nofrt Korea. She'll talk with Lindsey graham and bill Cassidy. We want to move to pueo Rico.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"President Trump tweeted out a response to the North Korean foreign minister's address at the UN General Assembly.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50054912","title":"Tensions between US and North Korea deepen after UN speech","url":"/GMA/video/tensions-us-north-korea-deepen-speech-50054912"}