Teri Hatcher 'Jumped' at Chance to Voice 'Planes' Character

Actress discusses playing the role of Dottie in Disney's new animated film.
3:45 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teri Hatcher 'Jumped' at Chance to Voice 'Planes' Character
Can you turn around and see scott in the window? Scott is signaling. Turn around, go ahead. Scott is signaling to teri that he loves her. What's the deal with this? We all love you, teri hatcher. Thank you. I can't get over what a gorgeous day this is. I know. It's the most perfect day. The hair barometer is saying there's no humidity. And you don't need a sweater. It's perfect. I could sit here all day, right? A perfect day. Perfect day to have you on. Love your smile. Great to see you. Thank you. This is fun. You're in a great, new animated movie, called "planes." It opens next friday. You play dottie. You got the chance to do the role and you jumped at it. What was it about dottie and the film you wanted to do about it? I think it's on a bucky list for everybody to be an animated voice in a disney movie. They called and said, do you want to be in "planes," from the world of "cars." And I was very excited. They said, you're not going to be a plane, you're going to be a forklift. I thought, should I call my therapist? Do I need to know -- what are they trying to say? I play a forklift. I play a mechanic who takes care of the main character, who is ju dusty. He goes from being a crop duster plane with dreams of going around the world. I play a smart mechanic. A soothsayer. I fix his engine. I support him. I make his dreams come true. Here's dottie in action, in "planes." You know what will happen if you push it too far? Turbine failure. Oh, no. I'm going down. Why didn't I listen to dottie? Why don't you listen to dottie? She's the smartest mechanic in the world. Oh, my gosh. The -- kaboom. So much fun. So much fun. So much fun. That was really broad and big and fun. We got to play a lot. I loved the character. And she's purple. She's cute. She is cute. And these characters becomelexicons. And I'm a toil now. How about a lightning round? Okay. First thing that comes to mind. When flying, aisle or window. What did you google last? Directions. Like, I'm good at -- you know -- location and how do you get here. Last thing you bought yourself? Socks. I was at the airport coming here and I realized I didn't have any socks. And I hate flying without socks. I was in l.A.X. And the only choices I had were I love l.A., I heart l.A., Or l.A. With the skyline of l.A. I guess there is a skyline in l.A. I went with the skyline because the idea of I heart l.A., something about it didn't seem right. Socks. I was thinking like in a handbag. No. Socks. Socks, there you have it. We made airplanes, as we say good-bye. And tell everybody about "planes," opening friday, august 9th. Let's have a little target practice, shall we? And everybody -- you first. Oh. Oh. Not so much.

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{"id":19825866,"title":"Teri Hatcher 'Jumped' at Chance to Voice 'Planes' Character","duration":"3:45","description":"Actress discusses playing the role of Dottie in Disney's new animated film.","url":"/GMA/video/teri-hatcher-interview-2013-planes-star-jumped-chance-19825866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}