Terror Attack on Kenya College Campus Leaves at Least 15 Dead

Al-Shabaab warned of an imminent attack after one of their leaders was killed in a US air strike.
2:42 | 04/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Terror Attack on Kenya College Campus Leaves at Least 15 Dead
A new terror attack in Kenya. Active and very dangerous situation unfolding right now. It all began early when gunmen stormed a university. More than a dozen already confirmed dead. The killer is still on the loose and the terror group Al shabaab and you see the students there huddling for safety which the U.S. Has been targeting has already claimed responsibility. Reena ninan is here with all the latest. Good morning, Reena. Reporter: George, good morning to you. Eyewitnesses describing the scene as sheer panic. When it was all over, they're saying muslims were separated from muslims. At least 15 people killed. 60 injured. The attack taking place just as morning prayers were beginning at the university. One person describing the scene as people jumping up and down running for their lives. Some people even running towards the gunmen not aware that the shooting was taking place. Mass pandemonium. A spokesperson for Al shabaab saying that they did in the end release 15 muslims. Also telling the bbc when you eventually go into the university, you will be shocked. There had been intelligence warnings from a potential attack in this area. The interior ministry saying at least one of the militants had been arrested when they were trying to flee the attack. You know, only last month a U.S. Drone killed an Al shabaab leader, believed to have been behind the Westgate mall attack in Nairobi. That drone strike taking place in Somalia. A lot of people on high alert ahead of this attack but still coming as a complete shock to the citizens of Kenya. Okay, Reena, thanks. More on this from our chief national security correspondent Martha Raddatz. We heard Reena say this Al shabaab group was responsible for the Kenya mall attack in 2013 and the U.S. Has been targeting them. Reporter: They've been targeting Al shabaab for year, George. As you know it's a terror group based in Somalia, affiliated with Al Qaeda. Intent on carrying out attacks in Africa and westerning its and went out after one of its leaders killed in a U.S. Air strike. Ongoing air strikes after Al shabaab, drone strike, air strikes and some ground strikes and including one by Navy S.E.A.L.S going after this terror group and as you said, the most stunning attack as we all remember, the one on the Westgate mall, more than 60 people killed in that attack and this university attack comes just after western embassies were urging tourists in a coastal town to leave, a british embassy warning that attacks could be incriminate in places frequented by foreigners, of course, they went after Kenyans in this attack but foreigners are certainly on the alert, George. Martha, some concern here in the U.S., as well, that Al shabaab has been recruiting from the Somalian community such as places in Minnesota. Reporter: They have been and have had foreign fighters try to join Al shabaab and have Americans try to join Al shabaab and some have, indeed, it's something the U.S. Is keeping a close eye on. Okay, we'll stay on top of this, Martha Raddatz, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Al-Shabaab warned of an imminent attack after one of their leaders was killed in a US air strike.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30060267","title":"Terror Attack on Kenya College Campus Leaves at Least 15 Dead","url":"/GMA/video/terror-attack-kenya-college-campus-leaves-15-dead-30060267"}