Tesla Claims to Make the Safest Car in History

The electric-car company says its S model is the safest car ever tested.
1:41 | 08/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tesla Claims to Make the Safest Car in History
Now, bold claims about a new car. The upstart company, tesla, says it's model s is the safest car in history, outperforming all others ever tested by the government. The company even claims the car's so strong, it broke the testing machine. And abc's david kerley has the story. Reporter: The tesla, all-electric, sleek and more than 60 grand. It's a car that's turning heads. But this morning, headlines for another reason for tesla's s model. The company is boasting that not only did it pass the crash test, it's proved to be the safest car ever tested. That claim came in a press release, by the ceo, elon musk. Remember him? The guy who started paypal and has built his own space rocket. Musk gave abc news a behind-the-scenes look at his car company, which he believes is a game-changer. The challenge is trying to get the long-term to happen sooner rather than later. Reporter: Tesla says it's making its claim based on tests of just 400 cars. But best ever? The government overnight wouldn't back up tesla's claim. The national transportation highway safety administration only doles out star rates. Tesla got the highest, five. As the government says, it does not rank or order vehicles within the starred categories. As you can tell from musk's enterprises, he likes to do things in a big way. As an independent start-up company, he's built a very safe car. And it sends a message to the big automakers that they can make safer cars, too. Lara? A bold statement, as well. A cool car, too. Time for dr. Oz, lifesaver.

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{"id":20021151,"title":"Tesla Claims to Make the Safest Car in History","duration":"1:41","description":"The electric-car company says its S model is the safest car ever tested.","url":"/GMA/video/tesla-claims-model-electric-car-safest-car-history-20021151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}