Testing 'As Seen on TV' Products

Becky Worley and her mom testers try out latest gadgets and gizmos.
4:18 | 01/15/12

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Transcript for Testing 'As Seen on TV' Products
You know it's a coveted position. Thousands of people went online applied to become mom testers for -- and -- -- -- whole new crop -- -- -- they are trying out these. As seen on TV products like we have a raid in front of us. Right here they all are and GM -- second -- Becky -- -- joins us via Skype from her kitchen with the latest round good morning Becky. Good morning be on good morning -- moms have issues -- they've gotten messy purses footprints through the house and hungry families. So when products promise to solve those problems. Well we put -- -- testers on the job. -- -- ready set don't. Three he knew as Keeneland -- -- products to look at. A -- and of course -- -- month test is to try them all out from Manchester new. Competing moms have a four year old boy and a ten year old girl from Medford New York -- -- -- best mom of two -- Clayton North Carolina featured Whelan on the -- written. -- thinking and dumped me. First of her personal organizer for these moms on the go. Kangaroo -- -- -- is your bank of -- It -- needs. All -- -- -- start sorting their stuck in the cell phone check three kids need to. Wang and the best and parent kangaroo and definitely proved to be to keep our hands of the organize everything that I happen. I think that -- in the line of purses while they keep track it's best left in the wild -- Making the final count on the Kangyo group keeper two -- -- mom disappointed. Now other moms who keep their bags clean it's time for products -- the same thing for their homes but when Jeff Matthews -- -- dirt like a magnet. Send. They. People trying it out families got down and dirty. All in the name of testing hours. Then they not step -- what was he won't but here is different than any other -- -- All -- have me fallen off. And Dietrich didn't like the message in the washing machine that's pretty this -- thing. Look at that. But that her family get it cleans up the airmen. -- So she decided to -- the cleans that Matt -- -- Finally after all this testing -- -- worked up an appetite. So what better test in the expressed. Ready set go cooker ride they. And grill with just -- apply. The -- night it parents' house and well teacher went producer level. Of heat and me and that's how mainly involved in this but. Yeah. That's the product was at its fast enough of her family. -- -- Lautenberg -- -- It's that gap it's easy for a president. But for all three families. And -- -- said you know pass the taste test with flying colors -- It also. -- certain and it's well done for the expressed ready set go cook with one mom -- -- -- -- And as we leave on meet families to enjoy the -- -- their labor and we bid farewell to another successfully audition a -- test. Now the folks who made the clean -- Matt didn't have something to say about our findings. They notice -- is dedicated to satisfying our customers and producing quality products. We take our customers' feedback very seriously and will strive to improve the product based on these findings. So -- -- -- Dan them on testers have spoken. America has -- I plan -- work thank you -- appreciate it.

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{"id":15365051,"title":"Testing 'As Seen on TV' Products","duration":"4:18","description":"Becky Worley and her mom testers try out latest gadgets and gizmos. ","url":"/GMA/video/testing-tv-products-15365051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}