Carnival Accident Caught on Tape

A 3-year-old girl thrown from a fast-moving ride is miraculously okay.
1:19 | 03/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carnival Accident Caught on Tape
Horrifying accident at a Texas carnival has been caught on camera a young girl alone on a fast moving ride was -- catapulting through the AAR. This morning she's okay but the question now is who's to blame. In a warning for you at home you may find -- hard to watch. Cameras were rolling the moment the three year old started to slip both her legs now on the same side of the -- restraint. Then the ride comes around again picking up speed her legs -- in the -- she's -- eight feet to the platform below should be an operator. Have been more aware. -- military you know quite apparent -- that. At first carnival officials claimed she had climbed out on her own. This video proves otherwise now officials say she was simply too young to ride without an adult -- and he. Three year old with a little. And and we always she came on the abortion communal destroy. The girl did meet the -- height restriction that restriction is now being changed. We're not going -- and operator on this ride. You if they do so more on this between 42 -- inches tall as the issue of the other person who killed. It's terrifying video watch have a three year old girl suffered a concussion but is recovering well this morning. In the wake of this near tragedy one Texas lawmakers now renewing his call for tighter regulation of carnival rides.

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{"id":15934727,"title":"Carnival Accident Caught on Tape","duration":"1:19","description":"A 3-year-old girl thrown from a fast-moving ride is miraculously okay.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-carnival-ride-accident-caught-tape-15934727","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}