Texas D.A. Killing: Are Other Officials at Risk?

Security in Kaufman County has been beefed up to protect other prosecutors.
2:27 | 04/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas D.A. Killing: Are Other Officials at Risk?
others in law enforcement here. Thank you, pierre thomas. A l john schriffen is live at the kaufman county courthouse. John, good morning. Well, amy, good morning to you. When this courthouse reopens today, the public will notice a different look. Security will be beefed up to protect the remaining prosecutors here. Because of what is going on here, it's creating a ripple effect around texas. In harris county, the district attorney has been offered and accepted 24-hour security protection for he and his family. Sure this is a small town. Big cities around texas are taking notice and taking it seriously. George? Let's get more from dan abrams. You have a -- a web of prosecutors, dozens of prosecutors in the area. How can they protect all of them? That's why information becomes so important. They need laerksd they need to figure out who the targets may be. You can give 24-hour surveillance to particular people. If you're protecting the wrong people, it doesn't do any good. This is a caset will be a-1 priority not just in the community and in texas. As you can tell, all the federal authorities are there. Why? Not because they know the prosecutor and the person who was the victim. This is an take on the fabric of our legal system. If people start to feel like this is something that will happen regularly, our legal system is in real trouble. And think that is why they'll move forward to solve the case as quickly as possible and follow up on it. Police believe the killings are connected and how and how many people are involved is the question. The question becomes is it possible that one was a copy cat? That one -- someone saw what happened in one case and deci decided, okay, I'm going to go do that again. If they're connected by the same person or people. They have to be careful about not jumping to conclusion. Some clues that the first killing was more sophisticated than the second? Absolutely. They'll take it into consideration. It's possible it's been ordered by the same person. You have to be careful. Thanks, dan. Now to the startling story at walmart, where an

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{"id":18852465,"title":"Texas D.A. Killing: Are Other Officials at Risk?","duration":"2:27","description":"Security in Kaufman County has been beefed up to protect other prosecutors.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-colorado-district-attorney-murders-officials-risk-18852465","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}