Texas District Attorney, Wife Found Dead Inside Home

Police look for connections between DA's death and the earlier shooting of a prosecutor.
3:47 | 03/31/13

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Transcript for Texas District Attorney, Wife Found Dead Inside Home
We begin with breaking news, a chilling murder just outside of dallas overnight. A spokesman of kaufmann county district attorney and his wife found shot to death. The big question, are these two shootings connected. Abc's john schriffen is live in kaufman county. Reporter: Good morning. This small town in texas is on edge, a very active investigation, authorities shut down this neighborhood after discovering the bodies less than 12 hours ago. Overnight, this sleepy texas town found itself wide awake, at the center of a murder history. Authorities said saturday night THAT mike McClel land and his wife were shot dead inside their home. We lived here for years and we never had anything like this happen before. Reporter: That fear is keeping the community on the lookout for clues, an investigator scrambling to find out exactly what happened. According to abc affiliate, wfaa, sources say that the couple's door was kicked in and shoots rang out. 14 rounds. Killing them both. But the real question now, is were they targeted? Two months after the county's assistant district attorney mark haase was gund down. later McClelland sought justice. We'll let the people of kaufman county prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Reporter: Now they have two cases on their hands. The fear now is that these murders are somehow connected. At this point, authorities will not say if they are related. We're expecting a lot more information to come out later this morning, when investigators hold their first press conference since discovering the body. John schriffen reporting from texas this morning, thank you. Let's bring in abc news justice correspondent pierre thomas, how rare is this kind of violence directed at senior public officials? Good morning, dan. We have a lot of violence in this country, thousands of murders a year, it's early in this investigation. Police't know if these deaths are tied. If prosecutors are being executed this is a nightmare scenario. Now, after the first prosecutor was ambushed and really assassinated just steps away from the courthouse in broad daylight,re was some public speculation by people in public law that it could be the work of a gang. Apparently that prosecutor had prosecuted some cases involving that prison gang. Is that gang still considered a suspect? That's being looked at among a number of theories. Right now, everything remains on the table. Right now, this appears to be a bona fide mystery. If this gang is a criminal operation, making a run at public would invite war. Which would be bad for business. Bianna over to you. They leave behind five

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{"id":18848760,"title":"Texas District Attorney, Wife Found Dead Inside Home","duration":"3:47","description":"Police look for connections between DA's death and the earlier shooting of a prosecutor.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-district-attorney-wife-found-dead-inside-home-18848760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}