Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Nears Mexico's Pacific Coast

A US National Hurricane Center meteorologist called the storm an "extremely dangerous, potentially catastrophic hurricane."
2:33 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Nears Mexico's Pacific Coast
surgery. She'll be back on Monday. Hurricane Patricia, take a look at it over the past 48 hours developing very quickly forming into a huge hurricane, national hurricane center calling it the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere and now warnings of catastrophic landfall. American tourists trapped in Mexico and the airport in Puerta Vallarta shut down this morning and they are working quickly to sandbag the coast, board up those windows. Ginger starts us off. This is a big one. This hurricane detonated overnight. I mean exploding into so many records and we can see the eye right there. So it's central western Mexico we're concerned about. That math takes it right between Puerta Vallarta and manzanillo. Not only winds greater than 200 miles per hour but storm surges on the right side. Up to 20 inches of rain come as long with it. Get it into the mountains, still have flooding out there and starts to die out over central Mexico but the moisture does not. We've seen flash flooding with another storm in Texas, so we've got flash flood watches from Laredo to Dallas and now Dallas on alert and that's where our rob Marciano is this morning for the second round. Good morning, ginger. Folks here certainly with a worrisome eye on Patricia not only for folks in Mexico but maybe coming in this direction. It's been raining heavily all night long. Some of the roads this Dallas having a hard time dealing with that but without a doubt last 24 hours the hardest hit area has been western Texas. Overnight, storms sweeping across Texas. Skies illuminating from continuous bolts of lightning. Vehicles stalled out from drivers making some poor decisions. This pickup pushing a car through flooded streets. It's floating. And in the town of ramkin. There she goes and the rv. Reporter: New video showing the impact. Trailers picked up and carried away in floodwaters. We are just getting started with this event. We were here in may during those epic floods when the Trinity river was covering this spillway and coming up to this bank. Hasn't rained much since but with part of Patricia coming this way and much of the gulf coast, beginner, as you know is very much worried about damaging flooding. Back to you. Rob, thank you. The national weather service in San Antonio actually just put out a statement saying up to 15 inches of rain this coming weekend so that could be also very disastrous. So much more coming up. They have a lot to brace for in Texas. Okay, ginger, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:33","description":"A US National Hurricane Center meteorologist called the storm an \"extremely dangerous, potentially catastrophic hurricane.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34673804","title":"Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Nears Mexico's Pacific Coast","url":"/GMA/video/texas-flood-watch-heavy-storms-34673804"}