Texas Home Invasions 911 Calls

Tapes from a string of home invasions highlight need to be prepared.
3:02 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for Texas Home Invasions 911 Calls
-- out of this chilling 911 calls a dramatic outbreak of home invasions has been caught on tape in just released to the public. Raising new fears about what's fueling the rise in break ins right now -- she's -- -- in Dallas Texas with the latest good morning. Good morning to you George you know the FBI tells us that overall crime is down but it certainly doesn't feel that way for a lot of homeowners and increasingly. We can actually hear their fear. Inherited -- -- like a nightmare. But it's all too real. I looked up and then an island. A terrified you tall woman calls 911. The intruder is demanding money from her husband as the couple's three young children sleep nearby. We thought wallet and we -- -- thinking that they got in my. But -- -- -- only -- couldn't jump couldn't I didn't. A North Carolina woman here's a man breaking -- And grabs her gun. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah maybe. Both intruders were killed both. The latest in what seems to be a spate of home owners willing to kill to protect their families from increasingly desperate criminal. The introduction god and my handed that a constituent who come from the store and -- Traditionally the metric -- as the economy gets worse. Crime gets higher. Now -- statistics -- around the country but I would be pretty surprised if you didn't see home invasions. Go higher. It's already happening in some parts of the country in -- Ann Arbor, Michigan there have been 67 home invasions just since the first of the year. In Maryland lawmakers are scrambling to toughen penalties against home burglars. In Bangor Maine gun store owners say sales are up. As more homeowners arm themselves. There's one more new 911 call you should a year. -- -- thinking I have to -- any proof -- -- but I become. We really can't. That's the voice of 810 year old girl in Michigan mom and dad -- home so she grabbed her seven and five year old Brothers. And ran into a closet. The team burglars broke a window but didn't have enough time to get inside before police showed up all thanks to that braves' big sister. Who called 911 so quickly. There's going to be enough security and it and it's okay you can -- at the front door key peninsula -- -- It's okay. Certainly nice to have a happy ending to one of those security experts say it's -- very important. To actually rehearsed these what if scenarios particularly with your children what happens if they -- -- broken window what happens if you hear someone outside. George those experts say the days of grabbing a baseball bat and heading towards the door are long gone the Smart thing to do here. Is to lock the door of the room that -- -- and called 911 immediately apparently we can all learn a lot. From that ten year old girl blue shirt and she handled that perfectly thanks right thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"Tapes from a string of home invasions highlight need to be prepared.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15866857","title":"Texas Home Invasions 911 Calls ","url":"/GMA/video/texas-home-invasions-911-calls-released-15866857"}