Texas Mom Gets Dream 'Instaglam' Makeover

The "GMA" glam squad surprised Lauren Miller, 32, with a dream makeover.
3:43 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Texas Mom Gets Dream 'Instaglam' Makeover
Now, everybody, it is a makeover kind of morning here at "gma." And here's looking at -- it's craziness. But great craziness. There's greg and andrea and rachel, all inside the home of lauren miller. We teamed up with our friends at instagram to give her an instaglam moment. Her new look is coming together. First, here's her story. My name is lauren miller. I am 32 years old. Reporter: When "gma" launched its instaglam makeover project, seeking someone who could use a little tlc, lauren miller's entry stood out. I feel like I've aged ten years in two. It's exhausting. Reporter: It's been a grueling year for the texas stay-at-home mom, what she calls the hardest of her life. Last november, lauren's husband, josh, just 38, suffered a severe heart attack. I watched myself flat line at 2:00 in the morning. Reporter: Josh needed bypass surgery. And lauren spent months traveling back and forth. First, to baylor university's heart hospital. Then, to a rehab center to be by his side. All the while, carrying for their 1-year-old daughter. My wife was taking care of me. Taking care of our daughter. Has no time for herself. Reporter: The emotional rollercoaster took a toll on lauren. She lost 60 pounds. And the woman who once loved to shop had no time to even look at new clothing. Usually, I see her in jeans or sweatshirts that are probably a few sizes way too big for her. Reporter: Now, with josh back on his feet and their toddler, matilda thriving, loved ones say, it is lauren's turn. I think my wife deserves a little recognition. A little pampering. She gives everything of herself to her friends and family. I think if lauren had a new hair cut or cuter clothes, I think it would make her feel good about herself. And we so want to do that. A lady who deserves to feel good and out. A true buttely. We check in, now, with our team, the glam squad. And all of the action. Hi, rachel. What's going on? Hey, lara. Lauren here is so deserving of this instaglam makeover she's receiving this morning. I can't believe, we've been -- we -- our team has been hard at work now for 45 minutes. We have greg, our hairdresser. And andrea, our makeup artist. I will tell you, o-m-g. Lauren is looking radiant. Josh is going to be over the moon and so is matilda. How are you feeling, miss lauren? I'm shaking. I'm really excited. This is cool. This is a cool experience. You're like a deer in headlights. Absolutely. In my pajamas. You rock the pajamas anyway. For moms out there like lauren, how can they bump their hair up? Don't be afraid to take it shorter. It makes a lot of the speed time for when their mornings are rushing. They can get their hair done really quickly. Awesome. More to come from these two. Lara, you have something to say to these two. As josh would say, go nowhere. In great hands. The glam squad strikes again. You can watch lauren's makeover, minute-by-minute. We will not go nowhere. Just because we're contractually obligated.

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{"id":20886567,"title":"Texas Mom Gets Dream 'Instaglam' Makeover","duration":"3:43","description":"The \"GMA\" glam squad surprised Lauren Miller, 32, with a dream makeover.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-mom-dream-instaglam-makeover-20886567","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}