Buddy Valastro's Sausage-Stuffed Turkey Rollatini

"Cake Boss" star prepares his family's favorite fennel and apple salad for Thanksgiving.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for Buddy Valastro's Sausage-Stuffed Turkey Rollatini
D.J. Kalkutta right there. ♪ budly valastroas a great book out, "cooking italian." You have long lines everywhere. How do people get through it? We deliver 60 miles around hoboken. We can deliver right to your house. Check it out. A good way to skip the line. We have a very special thanksgiving recipe here, from your new book, "cooking italian." Tell us about it. We're doing a turkey roaltini today. A little different. They love that idea. You start with olive oil. We're going to add onions. And then, we're going to add some garlic, salt, pepper. You want to stir it up, george? I'll get you working. We have a little bit of sausage here. Smash that up. Get all of the flavors in. Let that infuse together. Now, we're going to put some mushrooms in here. And some button mushrooms. You can use shiitake, whatever you like. This is going to be a filling, almost like a stuffing, okay? We have some beautiful spinach here. And we're going to put this in here. And it's going to cook down with the heat. I know it looks like a lot now, george. But I promise -- when it's done, actually, george, it looks like that. Okay. This is finished. Okay? After it's all cooked together, we're showing you -- I want to show everybody everything. We have beautiful italian bread crumbs. Want to mix that up, george? We have beautiful parmesan cheese. And we have an egg. We're going to mix that all in there. The egg provides it to clump together nice, you know? And I have a turkey breast that I butterflied and pounded down with a mallet, just to flatten it and make it tenderized. Is that good, josh? We don't fool around. It's delicious. It's good stuff, right? That's perfect. Turkey boss, too. We do a little bit of that, too. All these delicious, simple, family recipes are in my book. You know, usually, you would think just -- I know how to bake. But I am actually a really good cook. And my approach to cooking -- never doubted that, buddy. I know. But my approach to cooking is really -- just do simple ingredients that people could get at the supermarket and enjoy. We would tie this up like this, right? We have a pan here. Going to take a little bit of olive oil. We're going to sere this up. Okay? Once it's seared up, it's going to look like that. Okay? We will take it out. And to the pan, we're going to add onion, carrot. Celery. Yeah. Okay? We got a little bit of chicken stock. This is actually a really, really great press by. And we would put our turkey breast back in the pan. Oh. In the pan. Does it go in the oven? Now, we put it in the oven. And we cook it for about another hour. You're going to cook it 20 minutes with the of the off. Then -- in the oven? In the oven. Then, you finish it when it comes out with a little bit of flour, that comes through the gravy. That's how it finishes over here like that. I have to give a piece to george. I need a fork. And the salad. At the end of the day, it's great because you know, just to give you a different spin on turkey. You know what I'm trying to say? Simple to do. And it doesn't have to be thanksgiving to do this recipe. We want to hear about the salad, as well. That's a fennel salad. It has a mandarin vinaigrette on there. Forget about this. Who doesn't like fennel in their salad, right? A great touch. It has a nice texture to it. And I'm so proud of this book. It brings back so many of my family memories. I'll bet it does. That tastes fantastic. All of the recipes on the website, goodmorningamerica.Com. Also, a recipe for turkey cake. Yeah. We do a turkey cake, too.

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{"id":17738791,"title":"Buddy Valastro's Sausage-Stuffed Turkey Rollatini","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Cake Boss\" star prepares his family's favorite fennel and apple salad for Thanksgiving.","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-recipes-buddy-valastros-sausage-stuffed-turkey-rollatini-17738791","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}