Mario Batali's Rigatoni With Sausage and Turnips in Green Olive Pesto

Star of ABC's "The Chew" prepares a dish that provides an Italian spin to Thanksgiving.
3:00 | 11/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mario Batali's Rigatoni With Sausage and Turnips in Green Olive Pesto
Get in here, buddy. Dig in. Our good friend and host of abc's "the chew," he is the one and only, the singular mario batali here. Adding your spin for turkey day, it's a spin I cannot wait to dig into. What are we talking about here? We're making a pasta. If you're tired of turkey or don't want to roast it, it's a good way to enjoy the turkey without it being roasted. This is turkey sausage here? This is sausage here. I know you actually have an e-book out but these recipes are coming from the e-book. That's great. It's an enhanced e-book with the recipes and the advanced videos that I do. There's a wine cook and an interesting way to play how well do you nomar yo batali? Oh, yeah? Yeah. Let's cook. All right. We have the sausage here or the ground turkey that's browned. We've taken fennel. We chop it up in into cubes. Take a taste of it raw. It's one of my favorite things. Slightly licorice. We're going to add fennel and stir that around. And brown completely. Brown completely about? Ten minutes. Ten minutes. You don't have to obsess with it. Then what we do, chopped up radicchio, I'm a big fan of radicchio because it sounds cool. And a little red wine. If there's a little leftover red wine in your house, you can cook with it. This is what we have there. Then that we do is drop the pasta. We allow this to simmer will the tomato sauce, the wine, everything like that. Oh, my goodness. Really, the pasta disappeared? No, there's no pasta yet. What would be really cool. You can eat this all by yourself if you were so inclined or -- you take it like that. Okay. And we take the pasta out when it's perfectly al dente. Sam and I was saying this is the best moment of the day. That's right. You toss it like that. Then you have a little parmigiano-reggiano grated. And take it to the right place. That's the right amount. I stuff my face with the greatest leftover thanksgiving possibility, tell us about the salad down there? What we have down here, parsnips and turnips roasted. Then you toss them with greenal li green olives and pesto. And you whip it up? You whip it up and toss it with the hot, warm, delicious vegetabl suddenly, you have the bounty of thanksgiving ala italiano. You can get them on "the chew" and on goodmorningamerica.Com. And also recipes to make it your best thanksgiving ever.

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{"id":17760535,"title":"Mario Batali's Rigatoni With Sausage and Turnips in Green Olive Pesto","duration":"3:00","description":"Star of ABC's \"The Chew\" prepares a dish that provides an Italian spin to Thanksgiving.","url":"/GMA/video/thanksgiving-recipes-mario-batalis-rigatoni-sausage-green-olive-17760535","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}