New Theories Develop Around Missing Texas Woman

Witnesses recall seeing Leanne Hecht Bearden the day she disappeared.
3:00 | 02/02/14

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Transcript for New Theories Develop Around Missing Texas Woman
in Texas. Leanne Bearden went for a stroll, hasn't been seen in two weeks. Her family has new theory on what may have happened. And Marcy Gonzalez is here with more. Good morning. They are far from knowing the whole story. But some of her family members say it's possible she may have run away. More than two weeks after she vanished, Leanne Bearden's loved ones making a bold statement, they believe the 33-year-old returning to the U.S. After a two-year trek around the world with her husband may have wanted to disappear. Posting on Facebook that there's evidence that she may have voluntarily left the area. She was having some difficulty adjusting back to life in the United States after being on the road. Her husband, josh, explains that on January 17th, she said she was going for a walk near his parent's home in San Antonio, Texas. She said she'd be gone an hour, but she never returned. Josh claims she didn't bring a cell phone, but took her wallet with no more than $60 cash and credit cards that haven't been used. He believes she took a backpack and a few energy bars. She is a budgeter. She can stretch money out. She could stretch this out. I hope that she's just taking a time-out or playing survivor woman or something like that. That's actually what keeps me going. While police called off the search because there's no evidence of foul play, josh and her family refuse to give up. There's no clues at all. And I just can't believe it. Nobody just disappears like that. Her brother and sister speaking out for the first time. Know we're looking for you and we want you back. We miss you and love you. Now, two witnesses have come forward claiming they saw her the day she disappeared, but they say he was carrying that backpack, and one claims she was heading for interstate 35. But where she went from there, still a mystery. Such a surprising twist. Thanks to you. Turn to Ron with the other

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{"id":22333938,"title":"New Theories Develop Around Missing Texas Woman","duration":"3:00","description":"Witnesses recall seeing Leanne Hecht Bearden the day she disappeared.","url":"/GMA/video/theories-develop-missing-texas-woman-22333938","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}