Thief Steals Car, Leaves Baby

The alleged car thief in Florida left the baby on a stranger's porch.
1:14 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for Thief Steals Car, Leaves Baby
A Sunday trip to church turned into a horrifying event for a mother in saint Petersburg Florida and -- -- shaved hair. Stylists hair. -- -- the history. -- -- Gibson had walked away from her car for a moment leaving her ten month old baby and the keys inside long enough for a -- to jump bend and drive off. But as soon as the criminals all the cargo he dropped baby -- -- -- via car seat and all on a random doorstep. All caught on camera. Moments later Ursula Boykins arrived home. When apple and I'm like there's a on the doorstep everything happens for a reason I believe that my purpose for that -- was the field because I was the one chosen. Mom to find that -- be on the porch he chose the -- house that day. Boykins called the cops and it all ended happily and that means there. LaDainian. -- -- -- -- and I think I forgot about the car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Police even located the stolen SUV and are confident they'll identify the car thief thanks to the surveillance tape.

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{"id":23815359,"title":"Thief Steals Car, Leaves Baby ","duration":"1:14","description":"The alleged car thief in Florida left the baby on a stranger's porch.","url":"/GMA/video/thief-steals-car-leaves-baby-23815359","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}