4 Things That Hurt More Than a Mammogram

The quick and life-saving procedure is worth the pain for many women who dread checkups.
4:28 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for 4 Things That Hurt More Than a Mammogram
We are about to kick off a very special month. All of october, here on "gma," throughout all of abc news, we're going pink to fight breast cancer. I know firsthand that the best way to beat it is to catch it early. For many, that's with a mammogram. Our sara haines is with us this morning. And, you know, some women are simply afraid to do that. Thanks for getting the jump start with the pink. Looking good. I decided to get ahead of the game. A mammogram is scary for a lot of people. They say they don't have time or it's going to hurt. They're afraid. Think of the painful things we do every day in the name of beauty. A mammogram? Nothing. Boobs. Breasts. The girls. We all have them. But do we take good care of them? When it comes to breast cancer, early detention saves lives. No one knows this better than jeralyn, an 18-year survivor. What they do every day hurts so much more than a mammogram. Reporter: Today, we're on a mission. To subject ourselves to four of the most painful things we do for beauty. We'll use a pain scale from 1 to 10. What is the most pained things you have ever done? I think a bikina wax. Braces. I got this pierced right here. 9. I guess you could say we're ma masochists to look pretty. Reporter: What better way to prove it? Botox. 6 out of 10. Reporter: Now I'm off to get my lip waxed and my eyebrows threaded. How much can it hurt? People feel more feign when they have very light skin and light hair. They're more sensitive. Ow. It feels like needles. Ouch. now, a quick lip wax. I can't believe we do this for vutty. That is makeup, not a mustache. Waxing and threading? 7 out of 10. Next up, high heels. How baddy li do we beat up our feet? We hit a fabulous shoe store to the stars. Look at this shoe. Sit working? I'm trying really hard. I have lost feeling in my foot. They take a toll. Do you get this all day long? Yes. Reporter: High-heel shoes, 6 out of 10. Continue do a piece on pain without tattoos. It's bad. It's bad. Hopefully, every woman watching will never think twice about getting her breast checked. Tattoo, 21. Reporter: Finally, the mammogram. I'm too young for a mammogram. I'm just trying out the hardware. I'm going lift your breast up and your job is to stay flat footed. It's uncomfortable. Mammogram, 1 out of 10. The next time someone complains to you about the pain of a mammogram, remember this, or that. Ow. You choose. Every woman is different. But this procedure could save your life. A big shoutout for geralyn. This was her idea. You can go to our website at abc news goes pink.Com. I have something in common with these three beautiful women here. Cecelia, rita, tameka. I don't like to say survivors. They're thriving. Tomorrow, a special show, "gma" goes pink. Hundreds of people around the world are participating. Men and women, both genders, can get breast cancer. One of our anchors will do a mammogram live on the air tomorrow to show how vital it is and how easy it is to do.

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{"id":20418264,"title":"4 Things That Hurt More Than a Mammogram","duration":"4:28","description":"The quick and life-saving procedure is worth the pain for many women who dread checkups.","url":"/GMA/video/things-hurt-mammogram-20418264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}