Things Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You

Dr. Richard Besser explains ways to help parents' trip to doctors go smoothly.
4:12 | 02/20/12

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Transcript for Things Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You
Every parent including myself noticed. Trying to convince our kids to go to the doctor's office can be. Slightly challenging even when they don't feel good at all we were inspired by -- an article in the new issue of reader's digest reveal what pediatricians wish they could say all parents. To make doctors' visits go smoothly and doctor Richard -- is here with that please tell me now -- -- -- this will make it easier you know I see this in my practice all the time parents are stressed children are stressed. But what parents don't know is that sometimes the things they -- to -- and make it better. Actually make it more difficult. What's the worst thing about going to the doctor -- for. I think paint thefts baffled disgusting when he had a cop. -- -- -- -- -- Yet the doctor's office is -- -- kids and they -- because they feel sick for its time for vaccine. Me couples can -- shots it was like grapes here and putting him in uniform for internal court here son who now. Two on the same day. But parents you can make it better for example. Don't say out loud he doesn't like it when you look at his years you remind -- of the last -- setting -- up for failure. And don't tell them -- -- bad -- get a shop that's. You want to set up this whole experience as a positive there. You don't want medicine will be perceived as bad you don't want the doctor the nurse to be perceived as the punish air. Then there's avoiding the week you have to wait and wait and wait and wait. And wait. To shorten your wait -- schedule your appointment to the middle and and ask for the first time slot of the morning -- right after lunch. Have you ever had an ear infection. -- -- -- And believe me when it comes to ear infections and antibiotics. You've never had your protection never engineering school an app I never apple -- at a premium a high five for nuclear. Have you ever had he taken antibiotic medicine for -- years. Yeah had a taste food -- problem. Your doctor is doing you a favor by sending -- home without a prescription. Studies show that antibiotics for most ear infections are rarely better than just watching and waiting. And pediatricians like me won't give them to you if it's not necessary to over prescribing antibiotics makes them less effective than you listen to your heart. How awful and final. No appointments available if the front desk tells you the doctors too busy to see you ask for -- -- line. If your child sick they can work you -- even -- the schedule is tight. -- Brandon area here on -- the fact hang -- -- And one other secret to my success as a pediatrician and not lollipops. But stickers which one would you like. -- -- one buried here. He's you know -- UR's. Kids are stars and those -- great -- at 141 assault and. Yeah I mean this was an important idea and -- -- sought a lot. Parents delaying treating their child -- that I could see how sick they were. So you know if a child has a bad headache -- high fever parents wouldn't give the medicine so that I would believe them but here's a tip. I will believe you I will believe you teach your child and and they'll come in -- be more comfortable. I think that thought is like all he won't know how high fever -- you you can gauge it -- -- take the temperature and irritated all right terrific and want to show our viewers. I really funny outtakes these kids were adorable take a look at. At some of them. -- how all the years. Currently your five. And girls here are stood together your team. How lead to -- critical day for into quarters -- -- -- 600 orders can have a quarter. We're here all -- little higher higher. Our hope it sounds like you have a really good heart. Any debts finally to be pediatrician Mary kids -- to and it just wonderful boy you are remarkable with them thank you for the --

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{"id":15750817,"title":"Things Your Pediatrician Won't Tell You","duration":"4:12","description":"Dr. Richard Besser explains ways to help parents' trip to doctors go smoothly.","url":"/GMA/video/things-pediatrician-15750817","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}