5 Things You Need to Survive Hurricane Sandy

Dr. Besser outlines the 5 necessities needed to battle serious health hazards from the superstorm.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Transcript for 5 Things You Need to Survive Hurricane Sandy
You may be well prepared with all the supplies you think you need to ride sandy out but the storm. Could bring some serious health hazards and for more on that ABC's doctor Richard -- is here with what you need to know right now good morning -- morning. So let's start by saying that just because -- -- prepared doesn't mean that you are safe they don't go hand in hand. -- you can do everything perfectly up to this point but if you're not careful after the storm hits you can put yourself in your -- at risk but the good news is. With a few small steps you can keep everyone safe first things first -- food yeah I mean everyone wonders when the power goes out what do I do about my refrigerator my freezer. After four hours you have to be careful about what's -- refrigerator anything that's perishable leftovers meets. Get rid of it any -- hours after the power goes out you need to be here that's the key time when in doubt throw it out your freezer you get a little more more time if it's -- solid. -- 48 hours it's only half full. You 24 hours after that you get rid of that as well how often are we allowed to go into the freezer and definitely I mean every time you -- -- that freezer you're cutting down -- I would keep the freezer closed if you have a little ice -- put ice in there and and the -- things you need for daily use. -- and that's a better way to go. -- and then let's talk about something that gives people a sense of security but. You need to be careful about your generator yeah I mean when I -- emergency preparedness for the CDC this was what -- -- the most every year 500 people die. From something called carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is put out -- generators it's it's odorless it's colorless. The silent killer silent killer if you use a generator in the house -- put everyone at -- you want to use -- driven generator at least twenty feet away from any doors any windows. And if you if you have carbon monoxide detectors make sure the battery in those is working with -- anywhere people are sleeping it's an avoidable risk. 151000 people to the emergency room these are preventable deaths and injuries all right so -- finally don't forget to check on your neighbors -- was or homebound ask you when you look at every disaster the communities that -- -- -- those that look after each other you wanna look at. Anyone who's vulnerable anyone -- who's -- the -- but -- You want to make sure that they have their food they have their water they have their medicines and everything they need if you checking in on everyone. Then you're all gonna ride this through and people -- And be safe all right doctor be great tips and hey we've got seven more tips that will help you get through sandy good Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo! new.

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{"id":17588346,"title":"5 Things You Need to Survive Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Besser outlines the 5 necessities needed to battle serious health hazards from the superstorm.","url":"/GMA/video/things-survive-hurricane-sandy-17588346","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}