Tiger Woods Wins First PGA Tour Event in 30 Months

The pro golfer's career had been in a tailspin since his car crash, divorce.
2:07 | 03/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tiger Woods Wins First PGA Tour Event in 30 Months
We last side Tiger Woods what we saw. Can do right there on the PGA tour -- tour he once seemed to uses -- practice rounds in preparation for the major championships that he craved his aura of dominance long since removed. Woods has returned to the top of the leaderboard began in a very familiar place. An old site familiar once again. Tiger Woods a winner on the PGA tour for the first time in thirty months. Just really cuts Austin a lot of hard work. Fewer than two weeks after a strained Achilles forced him to withdraw from -- tournament Tiger Woods was the picture of health. Not just winning the Arnold Palmer invitational but -- Finishing five strokes clear the field ESPN's Tom and only caught up with woods after the win when the final putt -- he shouted. And then -- shouted again as -- -- -- back across the Green how would you translate it was a notion. It's pure joy it feels good -- -- just come here and then play. So and then -- hometown that mr. for a decade and it means a lot to me this this term and obviously with much is being born here. Also helping matters the course itself when the final putt drops in the chance of tiger rained down woods was a very big hill for a seventh time. And after this long delayed victory. He seemed visibly emotional. Two years after a lurid sex scandal in numerous injuries derailed his career would seem to be exactly where he hoped to be when he visited GMA two weeks ago. So you really playing your best golf right now when you think that will translate into. The victory that you want -- donuts this kind of process and I have to be consistent and I'm I'm sort of get there again. And this is matter of making the right parts of the right time and think things are coming. And so they did it was a win that hadn't seemed far off to tiger or. To -- and more important now. Couldn't come at a better time the masters now looms just a -- easily -- on a gust the national fair to say of course that he is also -- again insist you fire them up by beating incidents. Video -- what the that in effect -- Confess I'm going back to the winner's circle.

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{"id":16001391,"title":"Tiger Woods Wins First PGA Tour Event in 30 Months","duration":"2:07","description":"The pro golfer's career had been in a tailspin since his car crash, divorce.","url":"/GMA/video/tiger-woods-wins-pga-tour-event-30-months-16001391","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}