Tiger Woods on Recent Injury: 'It's Good Now'

Star golfer on Masters prospects, "EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour '13" XBOX game
4:08 | 03/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tiger Woods on Recent Injury: 'It's Good Now'
Caliber of a little bit to let -- take an -- in a minute -- all right. Tiger Woods is the golfer all other golfers will be compared to four years to come we all know that and now you can see how you. Measure up as the new video game. Tiger Woods PGA to work thirteen lets you play against tiger at all stages of his career and tiger is here this morning. The show how. Quiet please if you really gonna golf -- here. Yes yes but won't play in a little -- -- -- Oklahoma to deliver you yeah. Abstract art first of all last saw you was on Sunday. You were coming off the golf course you had to pull out of the tournament house that left Achilles is good now took some days off -- -- golf balls tomorrow. It almost points on -- -- is -- and exciting tobacco when he thinking come back out plaintiffs one won tests last couple days and she hoped Levy rate for next week. The masters in April everyone's worried will you be on -- however seriously I feel. That's when you -- that's when he really each night. And you are playing well in fact if you look at the PGA statistic and I -- -- about the numbers to. Right now you have the best overall after number one in the rankings where that's concerned and so you really playing -- your best golf right now when you think that will translate into. The victory that you want to donuts this kind of process cannot have to be consistent and I'm I'm sort of get there again and this is matter of making the right -- and the right time and think things are coming. Well this might help you a little bit but -- here in your game. Ed titled work with your game a little bit to help you -- short time. -- -- -- -- -- a diaper on equipment let's take opposite -- -- because this you playing at all different stages of year we're forget to bring the lights down. Wooden. Not -- good for dramatic effect and also for the video game. But this is you when you're on the Mike Douglas show like -- -- -- the announcement of almost three and this part of our new legacy mode. -- -- -- and -- your children under three and 403 point had to do they. Don't -- any interest in golf trying to explain Sam loves going out there too as well but enjoyed it involves a hostile bought the get a chance to see them much and I do I do not degrade content. Optimized to look all right all right so this is Tiger Woods as a little one. The public and you don't have anything it's just it's just do you know -- -- the things about the connect attend. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't go go go unfilled orders and -- -- Yeah okay it. I'll look yeah. It's. Don't. Ride and then I'll step up -- -- -- think -- once again with your avatar -- the people that you work with they gave me a small waist look at that the wind is blowing in my cheers and everything like. That don't -- I really got -- -- yeah okay okay. -- People might think -- didn't get big game in the back okay. You're away -- on -- -- -- -- and I -- the second shot. Filibuster -- a British effort to. That's -- It's true. Don't go go go go go go -- go -- -- -- still there are. Little boo -- yeah. Though this is a replay it. Nice -- I'm still sort -- -- government back from its share. I do my financing I know how to use this game now but you're still want to -- away and I feel like as Rich Jones -- office. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I like different statements like from when you're -- young. From mom obviously this age -- -- days college -- up into. Now on them obsolete later on immigrants like play you in -- Napster isn't and that when the future. -- older more greatly. More or less hair -- you still got -- No let's see I don't know on the -- my short game was not what used to be -- -- She was -- -- Let the door okay this is the last one. I left it open. -- -- a year and yeah how many so I think I guess that's only okay that's bogey. So all I needed to make this team once again beat tiger -- -- can't respond to. Okay. Okay. Yeah. As always -- -- Yeah I'm not the latest -- better yet and that we look forward to the bank account so what they have this is exciting to civilian and I think you.

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{"id":15927116,"title":"Tiger Woods on Recent Injury: 'It's Good Now'","duration":"4:08","description":"Star golfer on Masters prospects, \"EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour '13\" XBOX game","url":"/GMA/video/tiger-woods-withdraws-golfer-discusses-injury-pga-tour-15927116","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}