Tim McGraw, Faith Hill on Love, New Fragrance

"Soul 2 Soul" is the name of country music stars' popular tour and a new scent.
6:18 | 02/08/12

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Transcript for Tim McGraw, Faith Hill on Love, New Fragrance
Get down to talk more about their revelation -- and all the wonderful things that have going on right now ladies and gentlemen please welcome -- hill and Tim McGraw. If Florida having me here -- I didn't let you out downtown from working on -- can't. He's getting there -- doing here is -- not really a morning person. When we announce that you all we're going to be here we were flooded with all these questions and comments and and people are just really inspired. By your talent and your love story how out of that inspired this this frequent sold -- -- -- I'm true works -- -- -- different people. They didn't think I -- nobody and nobody knows. That. Does that is to -- and that's why -- but Yang Yang and it makes it really. Really good and Rene at last makes it -- yeah. You never know what's -- -- -- out of -- now -- are well you guys -- going on -- in early -- -- -- -- also. -- record breaking tour that you all have had together. Name came from we're going to Australia. Will be my first time since performed there before. So you have -- -- them. The ocean pet food industry -- Yeah year -- almost yeah and others like -- -- -- yeah -- -- figuring the girls -- yeah we are rated B a family affair. No they're very excited about going on the Lester we had a good time we're -- we're very little longer this on the we're we're Lester because. When she goes with me they want to see more shows -- -- -- there's only like to let the currency goes -- -- -- more tickets so we're gonna do more snow. Well loved. People -- love seeing out there on on board together and you you're creating. New music and ten you know your album is going bonkers -- first and talk for the tour that you're gonna do but -- because you talk to Sam. About that they didn't let him out with Kinney -- -- tour and now I have got my. Three crazy yeah. Their -- and it's going to be great they go way back and beats him has known -- costs of -- something here -- -- and yours and we know what there and course he's he's a dear friend and it would be fun I mean is it that should be fun insists it's not brain surgery you know a cigarette -- and have a good time. Fans are very excited. Yes they on this show it's going to be here. And your new -- doing is doing officer Tim units -- well you know it's been awhile to develop -- -- -- but is doing well and I'm looking forward through. The future. And I was at a it was a blessing here you faith and your new music there were so anxious and -- could be coming out. Later this year and it just has -- -- -- Mississippi roots gospel everything yet. Molding to Daryn I'm excited and very exciting he was so much fun hadn't come -- -- -- forum a little laugh when visit. I -- I came out -- -- -- come home come. That's patches -- that this thing that stays with you. You're your fragrance and -- have a hard time about this he wanted to 33. -- -- That's what he did for -- an award for and I know the boys in the band gave me a hard time yeah -- that's right. I -- emasculated. Truth if it. Little thing but you know the -- saving graces some from the -- went down with me to them. Two national championship games under your election fair and didn't -- we were down there and and more -- more guys had a room on the balcony so we went to his -- and I noticed. -- on as bathroom sink you have Michael won't. Sitting out -- in Iraq at all in -- Other. That I thought -- you can't brooding. -- Can't you just called and now did little leeway and there that -- that we had a lot of great great questions. From our viewers I want to get to some fear ironically -- you all. Will you ever do a CD together that was the number one question yeah. I'm Stuart that we will at some point eventually -- mean we are together all the time in the we have. Grade -- ideas about what we'd like to do you think eventually woman who don't should she. It's okay at a lower standards for stronger troops for a whole record -- -- yeah. Let him. You're you're gonna -- I no longer a -- during his oh for a -- -- -- -- on suspicion Brock not a -- yeah. A -- American humor that's no good. -- well here's another question this -- from page what would you say if any of your children your beautiful three daughters. If they wanted to be singers what are they wanted to sing something other than country. Yeah the alleged plan. -- The bigger you know visits a -- such a tough good but you know you. Like anybody's kids and you want to get educated and have a great successful and happy life and just you know incurred on the do if they wanna do and do well -- -- of this but -- I'd like it. To have like sort of a Ph.D. in front -- their -- they. I'm not I'm. The doctor the Jewish -- and member of the grand. Don't be nice and. And again here you're together this for fifteen anniversaries and Valentine's Day is coming up any special plans for him look. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Whose -- lower before that yeah. It's pretty yeah actually you're you do you do you do is really. Really well -- -- a lot of assistance. What I know the perfect the perfect Valentine's -- whatsoever that helped me out. Pick pick up orders -- Have been admitted that faith faith and Tim so great to have you on here -- many blessings of him on -- to have you here today in the back. I'm not gonna go on line lunar and.

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"\"Soul 2 Soul\" is the name of country music stars' popular tour and a new scent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15537739","title":"Tim McGraw, Faith Hill on Love, New Fragrance","url":"/GMA/video/tim-mcgraw-faith-hill-love-fragrance-15537739"}